insect bite

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a painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin

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Teacher Trish had been suffering from anaphylaxis after a suspected insect bite.
Among students overall, insect bites or stings were the second most common ascertained cause.
Today, as Nicky tells of his ordeal, he is hoping to warn people just how dangerous insect bites can be.
He was told that it was not an ordinary insect bite.
Most people however, confuse an insect bite with a sting, said Dr Khawaja.
But with age, we develop tolerance to insect bites, which is why children exposed to the same bites might develop large lesions on their skin.
But her dream of gold at the Atlanta Games were destroyed by the insect bite two days before the race.
One of the leading ways in which pet owners can protect their pups from the dangers caused by insect bites is by ensuring that they organize a treatment with a local veterinary specialist as soon as possible.
Products offering relief from insect bites now come in a variety of formats, ranging from the familiar creams and sprays to the less common wipes and pens.
Former hairdresser Hayley, 25, said taking her daughter to her GP with the insect bite had led to the diagnosis.
As the leading insect bite treatment brand, we want to make the world of bugs fun for parents and children," said Jason Cartwright, CEO of Tender Corporation.
3)People with allergies should carry an EpiPen auto injector with epinephrine medication in case of a serious reaction to an insect bite.
Experts claim over-the-counter insect bite remedies don't do any good and aren't worth buying.
Though this is a worst case scenario, the fact remains that an insect bite can cause a plethora of health problems.
W ales number eight Andy Powell is battling to overcome a hand problem which is understood to have been caused by an insect bite.