insect bite

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a painful wound caused by the thrust of an insect's stinger into skin

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In 2016, Tender released the Itch Eraser, a line of ultra-healing skin care products that offer relief from minor cuts and scrapes and instantly erase itches from insect bites, minor sunburn, hives, allergic reactions and irritants from plants such as poison ivy, oak and sumac, the company said.
which supplies Sting-Kill insect bite treatment and Fire-Out for relief from fire ant stings, says people will always be looking for fast, effective medicines to treat their health issues, including stings.
Not all insect bites require immediate medical treatment but Dr Mehdi Adeli, Hamad Medical Corporation's (HMC) Allergy and Immunology Awareness Programme lead and senior consultant in Allergy and Immunology, says it's important to seek advice from an allergist if there is a suspected allergy or if an individual has experienced a severe reaction in the past.
Cover your arms and legs with suitable loose fitting clothing to avoid insect bites
Mrs Bortoft wanted to see a specialist at the Liverpool-based University Hospital for Tropical Medicine and Insect Bites, to see if they had seen something similar.
Teacher Trish had been suffering from anaphylaxis after a suspected insect bite.
The good news is that by being conscious of the dangers linked to insect bites and taking simple steps to avoid them, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from risks to their health.
Among students overall, insect bites or stings were the second most common ascertained cause.
Today, as Nicky tells of his ordeal, he is hoping to warn people just how dangerous insect bites can be.
Most people however, confuse an insect bite with a sting, said Dr Khawaja.
Former hairdresser Hayley, 25, said taking her daughter to her GP with the insect bite had led to the diagnosis.
In 90 per cent of insect bite cases, symptoms of redness and swelling appear within 24 hours of the bite.
TRACK queen Liz McColgan says she can't remember running her toughest Olympics race - because of an insect bite.
As the summer months roll in, these types of treatments become essential in combating some of the more prevalent diseases that can result from a simple insect bite.