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impossible to satisfy

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713-735) And amongst the foremost Cottus and Briareos and Gyes insatiate for war raised fierce fighting: three hundred rocks, one upon another, they launched from their strong hands and overshadowed the Titans with their missiles, and buried them beneath the wide-pathed earth, and bound them in bitter chains when they had conquered them by their strength for all their great spirit, as far beneath the earth to Tartarus.
Nothing was wanting to complete the picture but an announcement in the next sentence, presenting the courier as carried away, in his turn, by the insatiate passion for play.
To him, it should be added, as to most men before modern Science had subdued the world to human uses, the sublime aspects of Nature were mainly dreadful; the ocean, for example, seemed to him a raging 'waste of waters, wide and deep,' a mysterious and insatiate devourer of the lives of men.
I shuddered to think who might be the next victim sacrificed to his insatiate revenge.
I describe this aimless flitting about from one place of residence to another--this insatiate restlessness of body and appalling stagnation of soul--merely with the view to arriving at results.
He seemed to have an insatiate delight in appealing to her and looking at her; excitedly sticking his hair up at the same moment, like a dark species of cockatoo.
While Tamora is a powerful maternal force, even giving birth during the course of the play, she is also depicted as highly sexualized, a "most insatiate and luxurious woman" (5.
I would argue that the same metaphor appears again in Marston's The Insatiate Countess (c.
New Delhi: Was it a bad lapse of judgement or insatiate lust that forced famous journalist Tarun Tejpal to attempt a failed sexual liaison with a female colleague and see him land up in a jail?
There's a deceitful message in my eyes Beckoning insatiate men to certain doom.
He briefly introduces himself in the closing pages, leaving the reader insatiate and wanting to know more about the bard's life.
30), altogether reveling in rati Indeed, even when some gopis "imbibe" Krsna's face "with their eyes wide with emotion," they remain insatiate (atrpta, 63.
As a poor man hungering stands with insatiate eyes and hands Void of bread Right in the sight of men that feast while his famine with no least Crumb is fed.
Thou saw'st the murdered mate when tossed by pirates from the midnight deck; for hours he fell into the deeper midnight of the insatiate maw; and his murderers still sailed on unharmed--while swift lightnings shivered the neighboring ship that would have borne a righteous husband to outstretched, longing arms.
The dying Gaunt, like "a prophet inspir'd," foresees the consequences of Richard II's leadership: "Light vanity, insatiate cormorant, / Consuming means, soon preys upon itself" (86).