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Synonyms for insanely

in an insane manner

(used as intensives) extremely

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DSM-5 Insanely Simplified, Unlocking the Spectrums within DSM-5 and ICD-10 , written by Dr.
And then there is Julia Lipnitskaia, the insanely talented 15-year-old ice skater who spins faster than the Tasmanian Devil, disappearing into a tornado-like blur and blowing my small mind.
The dialogue is insanely complicated, loaded with wild wordplay that would give Groucho Marx pause and exquisitely entendre'd to the octuple degree.
PNY's Verto GeForce FX 5900 SE challenges the market with an insanely fast card at an aggressive price point," said Craig Wiener, PNY's senior marketing manager for consumer graphics cards.
Whatever acca you have this weekend, make sure Wycombe are included at an insanely generous 7-2 to win at faltering Swindon.
If some of the less-elaborate fight sequences fail to dazzle because of all the imitation that followed the 1999 original, the filmmakers have come up with at least two huge set pieces that are insanely brilliant.
To pay off The King, Burns commits his crew to pulling a risky, and insanely complicated, international banking swindle.
It's always been an essential element of my production environment, and an Insanely Great product.
The launch of these incredibly fast Asylum(TM) cards continues BFG Technologies' commitment to providing PC gaming enthusiasts with bleeding edge, insanely fast graphics cards based on award-winning NVIDIA(R) technology", said Shane Vance, EVP of sales for BFG Technologies, Inc.
I hadn't known it before September 11," says Serwer, "but I was starting to enjoy middle age: hectic and insanely busy but generally pleasing and more or less free of friction, fear, anger and anxiety.
What director Stephen Low (``Titanica'') is interested in illuminating on the giganto screen are hydrothermal vents, those spouts of superheated gas and particles from the Earth's molten core that split through the ocean floor some 12,000 feet down - and the goofy critters that actually thrive in that insanely toxic, unbearably pressurized environment.
Wingnuts, based on the insanely popular console brand by Freeverse Software, is 15 levels of intense and addictive arcade action.
Last night road safety charity Brake spokeswoman Caroline Chrishold said: "This judge has been insanely lenient.
Wearing the suit could be so brutal because we were filming in Budapest and they go from insanely hot summers to fierce winters overnight,'' said Beckinsale, pouting prettily.
SketchUp 5 makes it insanely easy to work with ideas in 3D," said Brad Schell, founder of @Last Software.