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Under the Insane Persons Act (1828), the procedure to place a person in an insane asylum required an Order and a Medical Certificate signed by two doctors who had examined the patient separately and personally.
In 1881 Methodist minister Joseph Camp was admitted to Bryce Hospital, an insane asylum in Eastern Alabama.
Hombre is one of a cluster of dwarves who, for reasons that are never spelled out, have been confined to an unnamed institution in the German countryside, one resembling a minimum-security prison or an insane asylum.
Elizabeth Packard's husband, a Calvinist minister, had her locked away in an insane asylum because of her increasingly liberal religious views, moved away with their children and left her destitute.
In confronting Clatter, Josh and Charlie with Firecracker and Scrawl were forced to fight to the death in the ruins of an insane asylum.
He was sent to an insane asylum by his stoic father and then shipped off to live with an aunt in the US, after witnessing his mother's death as a young boy.
When he teamed up with DiCaprio for the fourth time in Shutter Island, a mystery thriller set in a foreboding insane asylum, he plundered the vaults for a host of cinema classics.
I have in mind a case where the mother of a nine-year-old boy was a hopeless inmate of an insane asylum.
Apart from the fact that said department store used to be an insane asylum.
The then military chief of staff, General David Elazar told the commission that in the hours before the war broke out the military high command became "an insane asylum.
Robin: After they let me out of the insane asylum, it just seemed like the right thing to do.
He starts a secret society that meets late at night and recruits the new boy in town, and he meets some unusual townspeople: a man released from an insane asylum, a woman without a nose.
The 12-minute loop loosely resembles a 1950s Borsht Belt standup routine by a ring-in comic or illusionist, but given the surrounding dark gray floor and white walls, all the action seems to be taking place in an institution--whether modernist white cube or local insane asylum, take your pick--rather than a secluded resort in upstate New York where (surprise, surprise) this piece had its debut.
By the time she and her friend stopped by, I was only trying to make it through the end of the day in the insane asylum known as a middle school.
Years ago Malcolm Muggeridge interviewed a man who had spent much of his life in an insane asylum and, having been finally released, had a certificate attesting his sanity.