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Synonyms for inroad

make inroads upon or into something


  • make advances into
  • make forays into
  • make raids on
  • make encroachments into

Synonyms for inroad

an act of invading, especially by military forces

Words related to inroad

an encroachment or intrusion

an invasion or hostile attack

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Bat was put in full possession of all the circumstances of the inroad, his concern immediately took a different direction.
But, as the original distinctions between these nations were marked by a difference in language, as well as by repeated and bloody wars, they were never known to amalgamate, until after the power and inroads of the whites had reduced some of the tribes to a state of dependence that rendered not only their political, but, considering the wants and habits of a savage, their animal existence also, extremely precarious.
I asked our guides whose dominion this was in, and they told me this was a kind of border that might be called no man's land, being a part of Great Karakathy, or Grand Tartary: that, however, it was all reckoned as belonging to China, but that there was no care taken here to preserve it from the inroads of thieves, and therefore it was reckoned the worst desert in the whole march, though we were to go over some much larger.
In old times the settlers used to be astounded by the inroads of the northern Indians coming down upon them from this mountain rampart through some defile known only to themselves.
It being the winter vacation at his college, Eustace was allowing himself a little relaxation, in the hope, he told me, of repairing the inroads which severe application to study had made upon his health; and I was happy to conclude, from the excellent physical condition in which I saw him, that the remedy had already been attended with very desirable success.
The lands of this tribe lie immediately north of those of the Flatheads and are open to the inroads of the Blackfeet.
Upon the Sandwich Islands it has been employed with no small success in the treatment of scrofulous affections, and in combating the ravages of a disease for whose frightful inroads the ill-starred inhabitants of that group are indebted to their foreign benefactors.
They are also given to predatory inroads into the territories of their enemies, and sometimes of their friendly neighbors.
As the last of the Waziri filed from the chamber, Tarzan turned back for a last glimpse of the fabulous wealth upon which his two inroads had made no appreciable impression.
But scene - in wh dress as glam making inroad This fascin frightenin meets the who spen styling th Barbie do This fascinating, and frightening, documentary meets the real-life mums who spend a fortune styling their children like Barbie dolls.
This is Albany's first inroad into the Asian semiconductor market for this product.
One of my early involvements with Inroads, before I became managing editor, was an article on religion and politics that I wrote for the 2001 issue (Inroads was still an annual at that time).
M AIL T ODAY had been the first to report that the party had drafted a plan with the name to target the states lining the Coromandel coast and where it had failed to make inroads so far.
Since his initial hiring of an INROADS intern, Birdwell has worked to identify prospective interns for his office, while managing its recruiting process.
Description: The purpose of INROADS is to promote innovation to improve patient outcomes in support of the NSP.