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diligent and thorough in inquiry or investigation

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12) The CCCI uses an inquisitory judicial system, as opposed to the accusatory judicial system we are familiar with in the United States.
In the inquisitory judicial system, the investigative judge (IJ) plays the key role: taking testimony, reviewing evidence, and referring cases to trial.
The investigation also revealed that students preferred an expository approach rather than inquisitory approach.
minute, and inquisitory, equivalent to police authority .
This inquisitory process is judgemental, prejudicial and automatically assumes guilt and blame.
His novels include The Inquisitory, Someone, Fable, and The Apocrypha.
It is even deep enough to merit at least an inquisitory glance from more information-intensive customers, such as academic and corporate enterprise markets.
Pinter's The Caretaker and Pinget's The Inquisitory come to mind.