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Synonyms for inquisitor

one who conducts an official inquiry, usually with no regard for human rights

Synonyms for inquisitor

a questioner who is excessively harsh

an official of the ecclesiastical court of the Inquisition

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Bass-baritone Eric Owens as the king headlines the cast of Opera Philadelphia's new production, which runs for five performances starting Friday night, while bass Morris Robinson sings the smaller but crucial role of the Inquisitor.
Grand Inquisitor cost 250,000gns at Tattersalls in 2013, and as well as having horses carrying his own red colours, Ferguson snr has shares in a number with Highclere Thoroughbred Racing, including Royal Ascot winner Telescope and promising Classic hopes Consort and Sympathy.
It was the first time an inquisitor had been spotted at Cwm Llyfnant, which is part of the RSPB's Ynys-hir reserve near Aberystwyth.
Blackwall will become available in the Hinterlands after Leliana gives the Inquisitor the "The Lone Warden" quest.
A fruitful exchange of ideas followed and the celebrated actor - who is based in France - agreed to visit the university to perform The Grand Inquisitor and hold workshops with students.
By the late sixteenth century, manual writers as well as the inquisitors came to see ritual as a means of gauging belief; a window into the soul, so to speak.
The Grand Inquisitor chapter in Dostoevsky's The Brothers Karamazov is a well-known influence on O'Brien's interrogation of Winston Smith in Nineteen Eighty-Four.
Despite Smith's screenwriting experience, the critics considered The Inquisitor a powerful and literate novel untainted by big-screen allusions.
His last bow, as the strangely awesome inquisitor O''Brien in Orwell''s Nineteen Eighty-Four, was perhaps his best.
Its 30 million digital inhabitants are ruled by duplicates of some of history's cruellest tyrants: Reinhard Heydrich, the architect of the Holocaust; Beria, Stalin's arch executioner; Torquemada, Spain's pitiless Inquisitor General; Robespierre, the face of the Reign of Terror.
There followed years as a fiery preacher, leadership roles in the Dominican Order, and papal assignments, culminating in an appointment as Lombard inquisitor in his final year of life.
SIR - I'm sure anyone who saw BBC Newsnight on Monday, April 26, or on YouTube afterwards, would have enjoyed it when the Great Inquisitor Jeremy Paxman was left embarrassed by Plaid Cymru economic adviser Dr Eurfyl ap Gwilym.
As with anyone working in news and current affairs, news events of the day may prevent him from appearing but it should be very interesting to hear the grand inquisitor under scrutiny.
Based on the legendary MMOs EverQuest(R) (EQ) and EverQuest(R) II (EQII), Inquisitor expands upon the immersive Norrathian story arc, high-fantasy art style and thrilling gameplay found at the core of a complete online card gaming experience.
The argument of Dostoevsky's Grand Inquisitor is simple: man is a weak, pitiful creature unable to achieve peace or happiness unless he submits to the rule of the few superior beings capable of determining his social destiny for him.