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Synonyms for inquiringly

in an inquiring manner


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Touch is similarly privileged in the cave of the Cyclops where a blinded Polyphemus places his hands inquiringly on the fleecy backs of his sheep, seeking their help in tracking down the man who has wounded him: [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (9.
Stefan burst out laughing when he saw his friend's expression; the latter turned towards him inquiringly.
Grant searches through the papers on my desk and his eyebrows raise inquiringly.
Eve takes a few snack-bites, shakes her head, sits back, looks at Adam inquiringly and quietly asks.
This is lonely women university in the city and if its doors are shut to us then where we should go, said another girl student inquiringly.
Every eye was bent inquiringly on the fatal green, and Lionel beheld, with a feeling allied to anguish, a few men at a distance, writhing and struggling in their wounds, while some five or six bodies lay stretched upon the grass, in the appalling quiet of death.
When he looked inquiringly at me I realized it was time, and I quickly began removing the boxed up Talmud from my Element.
He appraised the situation and turned to Bepen inquiringly.
Cornflower, blue eyes, Gazed around her inquiringly, Dying to inspect The world, At close vicinity.
The struggle to find the precise word, the proper rhythm becomes a game, a playful experience, or a hazardous one, like the games of life: "The word sits here / Upon my lap and just under my feet, / Above my head it leaps and stares at me inquiringly / Waiting and wondering what I shall call it" (88).
when shown the menu, he looked aghast at the prices and asked inquiringly, and with hopeful humour, if they had a happy hour menu.