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Synonyms for inquest

Synonyms for inquest

a seeking of knowledge, data, or the truth about something

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an inquiry into the cause of an unexpected death

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It occupied me until the time came for proceeding to the inquest.
The inquest was adjourned over one day--no explanation that the eye of the law could recognise having been discovered thus far to account for the mysterious circumstances of the case.
It seemed to Tom that his schoolmates never would get done holding inquests on dead cats, and thus keeping his trouble present to his mind.
However, we shall hear more than enough at the inquest on such unsavoury topics.
He was also anxious about the future, reflecting that the police must detain Helen and Margaret for the inquest and ferret the whole thing out.
He had, in fact, been riding hard to attend the inquest.
Presently the coroner lifted his eyes and said: "We will resume the inquest.
In the number for the Wednesday following, she found a full report of the proceedings at the inquest.
I have only to add, that the verdict at the Coroner's Inquest was Wilful Murder against some person, or persons, unknown.
Yes, they were arrested "two weeks after the inquest.
I am not in possession of any definite facts concerning Duson, and what I say to you here I am not prepared to say at the inquest, before which I presume I may have to appear as a witness.
The less said at the inquest the better in the interests of justice.
You must have read in the account of the inquest about the man's cabin, Mr.
He is understood to be in want of witnesses for the inquest to-morrow who can tell the coroner and jury anything whatever respecting the deceased.
As Smith's death had been so sudden, and no one was there to see it, there was an inquest held.