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signal going into an electronic system


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Designed to deliver flexibility while maintaining optimal performance, it supports frequency, pulse, and pulse-width modulation (PWM) input signals.
The end user supplies air, the appropriate input signal and 24VDC power.
If a separate BITS (Building Integrated Timing Supply) signal is available, the TEK-150 retimes the primary AMI (alternate mark inversion) input signal based on the BITS input.
This three-channel ADC offers two low-level pseudo-differential analog input channels that accept +/-100 mV full scale (FS) input signals with no dc/dc converters, charge pumps or split supplies, and a high-level input channel for ranges up to +/-10 V.
In response, each circuit generates a fluctuating signal that repeats itself at intervals twice as long as those in the input signal.
Motor rotation can be controlled by the DC input signal or the PWM input signal.
And if all the frequencies in the input signal are multiples of a missing fundamental frequency, the circuit's output conveys only the missing element.
analysis of physical layer parameters such as eye diagrams and jitter with SSC on the input signal,
By comparing the boat's actual displacement with the input signal, the researchers can calculate how much the liquid film resists the motion, providing a measure of the film's apparent dynamic viscosity and its rate of energy dissipation.
Adoption of the FLI8668 results in extensive video processing capabilities, including upconversion of High Definition digital video from any input signal.
An input signal activates all the arrows within, say, a circle and modifies the weights of those elements.
JamTech has made available a measurement testing report that maintains the DAL metric as important for assessing true fidelity over the operating range of a digital amplifier by determining at what input signal level the output amplitude no longer faithfully tracks the input amplitude.
Several members of the ADCMP60x family split the two supplies to provide a wide input signal range and reduce power consumption by as much as 50 percent compared to competitive offerings.
The new SmartSleep technique intelligently controls power consumption by turning on the device only when the video input signal and the output load are detected.
The transceiver can therefore accept S/PDIF signals from a source even if the input signal is severely degraded.