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a patient who is residing in the hospital where he is being treated


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Career Step's Inpatient Auditing program was developed in conjunction with large healthcare organizations.
In addition, the joint venture plans to file a certificate of Need application to build a second, 46-bed inpatient rehabilitation hospital that will be located in Little River, South Carolina.
In order to be eligible for acute inpatient rehabilitation of any kind (which implies close physician, nursing, and therapy staff attention with supervision and management by a rehabilitation medicine specialist), most medical insurance companies require that the individual must be able to engage in and benefit from three hours of a combination of physical, occupational, and speech/language/swallow therapy daily.
Recommendation: To improve the ability of VAMCs to determine RN staffing levels needed for inpatient units and to recruit and retain inpatient RNs, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs should direct the Under Secretary for Health to ensure that the new nurse staffing system provides RN staffing estimates that accurately account for both the actual inpatient acuity levels and current nursing tasks performed on inpatient units and adequately take into account the level of ancillary and nursing support that is available on VAMC inpatient units.
They were excluded if they: had been an inpatient in the previous month; were unable to walk independently with or without a single-point stick; or had any neurological, cardiovascular, or orthopaedic condition limiting their mobility.
Clinical Psychiatry News: You mention in your commentary that you pursued inpatient practice because you had positive experiences during your own residency.
Emergency orthopaedics inpatients such as fractures and dislocations.
A study of the metamorphosis from medical student to seasoned professional unearths some of the reasons for disenchantment in inpatient settings.
We found a virulent closely related clone (Panton-Valentine Leukocidin--positive, SCCmec V:ST59) of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in inpatients and outpatients in Taiwan.
After the closure, there were about a half-dozen inpatients left, between three to four skilled nursing patients and two in the tuberculosis ward, union officials said.
Internal medicine residents self-reported greater preparedness to treat typically inpatient conditions than family practice residents, while family practice residents self-reported greater preparedness to treat typically outpatient conditions, said Dr.
The success of the reconstruction phase, coupled with the signing of inpatient contracts with Hospice of New York and Hospice Care Network, plus the fact that all the beds were filled (average length of stay: 13 days), prompted conversion of another six private resident care rooms beginning in April 2001 and completed six weeks later.
has developed an inpatient surgical procedure for otolaryngologists called Fast Tract[TM].
But the drugs don't spell an end to the need for inpatient care