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not involving carbon compounds


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It was extremely important for us to raise these funds in order to facilitate the continuing growth of the business, both organically and inorganically.
Furthermore, a key initiative for us moving forward will be to utilize our telecom and messaging experience to expand organically and inorganically into new advanced communications solutions including Voice over LTE (VoLTE)," said Alex Soltani, Chairman and CEO of Skyview Capital.
In addition, we're looking forward to continued acceleration and augmentation of this company, whether it be through expansion and organic growth or inorganically through acquisitions that make sense and align with Wescon's objectives.
Investment banks must develop strategies, including adapting to new technology, penetrating emerging markets, growing inorganically, revamping pricing mechanisms as well as integrating business units, to maintain performance levels, reduce costs, boost profits, and capture greater market share in this flat line growth industry.
Cotton that is grown inorganically accounts for 10% of global pesticide use and 22% of insecticide use, polluting water resources and oil, and killing wildlife.
A 'Muslim Nestle,' will only happen inorganically, hence, consolidation is key for Halal to be taken seriously, especially by the Muslims.
It will also allow us to pursue further growth, both organically and inorganically, in emerging and frontier markets.
Berlin Packaging's growth since 2007 is a testament to Investcorp's ability to help develop businesses both organically and inorganically and achieve profitability," Investcorp president for Gulf business Mohammed Al Shroogi said.
We are in a position to invest organically or inorganically," Robinson said in an interview at Bloomberg headquarters in New York.
investing both organically and inorganically in accelerating our solutions momentum.
But he stressed: "I will only divert resources from our day-to-day organic operations, and will only act inorganically, if we believe that, having reviewed all the facts, a non-organic solution will accelerate our transformation and will deliver incremental value to our shareholders without the adoption of any unnecessary regulatory risk.
Consolidation continues at a torrid pace as companies continually re-evaluate their strategic priorities and inorganically fill important gaps in their product offerings.
DSI implemented an intensive expansion strategy over the last two years, during which the company grew organically and inorganically by entering into new markets including Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Oman and Libya.
Rather than doing that organically over five to seven years, we will do it inorganically in one year.