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not involving carbon compounds


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There are tremendous growth opportunities for us, both organically and inorganically, through the upstream and downstream expansion of our content value chain--as well as geographically, especially in the North China market.
He added that the collaboration will enable engineering services space to grow the business, organically and inorganically.
The Middle East is already an important market for us and we plan to grow this both organically and inorganically.
Under Investcorp's ownership, NDT CCS has solidified its market leading position and expanded its operations both organically in its core markets and inorganically as a result of its acquisition of Hi-Tech.
This platform growth investment from Clearlake will enable NetDocuments to accelerate growth organically by continuing to build on a successful product development and sales strategy, and also inorganically through acquisitions.
We believe strongly that the independent model is the best way for us to grow our business, both organically and inorganically.
We know our strengths and weaknesses and may choose to grow inorganically," says Puri.
In order to expand its network, Airtel has acquired spectrum organically and inorganically in recent years.
We are looking at potential acquisitions that will allow us to grow inorganically especially in the leisure, entertainment and retail sectors," Bejjani said.
Vendors are currently focusing on expanding their businesses inorganically, says Technavio.
The all-but-contractually-obliged reprisals of Mouse House musical staples ("The Bare Necessities," "I Wan'na Be Like You") are inorganically threaded in, and the decision to cast King Louie (Christopher Walken) as a a grotesque gigantopithecus only makes the absence of Louis Prima sting even stronger.
Many large multinational corporations have grown over the past 30+ years by leveraging vast resources to organically acquire market share, or inorganically expand, and even diversify, each time adding operational complexities.
International players are expected to grow inorganically during the forecast period by acquiring regional or local players.
Many different processes can originate magnetite either inorganically or biologically, i.