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at an inconvenient time



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Inopportunely, most PMs I have talked with think of lean only in a tactical sense: value-stream map a process, look for the non-value added, and "trim the fat.
And then a little later I inopportunely recalled that his place was swarming with legends about mermaids, niavka river nymphs, mavka forest nymphs, molfar wizards, and witches.
So when the call went out to the US showbiz community to rally round and lend their celebrity clout to a tribute concert - albeit in the incongruous location of the Welsh capital and inopportunely coinciding with the trail of the singer's GP for his involuntary manslaughter - Foxx was only to eager to emcee in a bill that includes Christina Aguilera, Black Eyed Peas, JLS and Smokey Robinson.
The majority of the Committee decided on a closed session, which should be respected by all sides, even if some are in a rush - prematurely and inopportunely - to reach their own conclusions," said Themistocleous.
Despite our conveyance's bumper car mentality and the inopportunely placed tope s ( speed bumps) on the back country road -- not to mention a series of pantomime performances as we tried to ask a succession of non- English speakers for directions -- we manage to merge onto the main road that traverses the island.
Inopportunely published mere months after Black-Tuesday, in the first awful year of the Great Depression, it is a high-water mark of conspicuous production, a striking testament to how thoroughly America's new industrialized economy had conquered necessity and moved on to apply its immense power to the aggressively inessential.
She too arrived inopportunely as I tried to get organized for the day.
Moments of note included the wall art tribute to Polar Bear Agnew executed by undercover masters whom just might have included Aaron Murray, Smith, and cartel associates; Bagel attempting to fide away on his tricycle (which was inopportunely still chained to a lamppost); the Mayor posting up with Z-Boy personalities Cris Dawson, Jeff Ho, Nathan Pratt, Allen Sarlo, Bob Biniak and Paul Constantineau; the VSA 21-gun salute led by Drill Sargent Lewis; and the ultra art exhibition/party/ community outreach event at 27 Market Street, where the efforts of Block, James Muir, Ngoho, Chuck Katz, Susanne Melanie Berry, Ho, Hosoi, Oster, Olson, Wynn Miller, Vans, Venice Originals, Dogtown, and others were on display.
Putting his arm over my head he seized the phone on the bedside table and gave a discreet, courteous pull on the cord which had inopportunely got twisted around my neck and shoulder.
For Ferraris, it forced a return to San Francisco, after finally growing tired of her mother-in-law's inopportunely timed "heart episodes" that delayed each impending departure.
By-products (straw, parings, slaughter by-products) would be used in their production," said Lenarcic, perhaps inopportunely.
Similar adjustments are made when the pressure in the line decreases in which case (for a short period) more flow leaves the line than enters it, which can mask an inopportunely timed leak.
When permitted to speak about the circumstances of their arrest or the terms of their confinement, they use the words given in legal pleadings, press reports, and private letters from three British citizens, law-abiding but inopportunely Muslim, who found themselves among the herd of suspects rounded up by American military authorities searching the world for allies of Osama bin Laden during the months subsequent to the overthrow of the Taliban in Afghanistan.