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a substance (a virus or toxin or immune serum) that is introduced into the body to produce or increase immunity to a particular disease


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BVT's inoculum dispenser system is incorporated into the lid of commercial bumblebee hives.
The researchers also noted that in future studies, they feel they can deliver the inoculum in such a way as to get higher antibody levels than those obtained in this study.
Phanerochaete chrysosporium inoculum was obtained from the Biotechnology Research Center, Indonesian Academy of Science, Cibinong.
Affected Tg mice were observed only when the 129 genotype of the VPSPr inoculum matched that of the host (Table 2); that is, neither positive Tg(HuPrP129M) nor Tg(HuPrP129V) mice were observed after inoculation with VPSPr-129MV and VPSPr-129VV or VPSPr-129MV BH, respectively.
Raising seedlings in Rhizoctonia free nursery and taking them to the infested field after 21 DAP significantly decreased damping off disease, perhaps because the seedlings are exposed to the inoculum when resistance has already set in as compared to the direct seeding.
Current management practices involve inoculum reduction through early disease detection and tree removal, pesticide and nutritional supplement applications in orchards with high levels of infection, and planting new trees.
To each bioaugmented pot, 10 ml of inoculum that contained a bacterial consortium (3*[10.
The finished area, which was recently awarded Facility of the Year Award for Facility Integration, is 10,000 square feet and comprised of an inoculum prep lab, a cell culture suite, and two purification suites.
Three sources of inoculum were used for testing: fungal spore suspensions (spore inoculum) applied to test wood disks, mycelia established on agar near test wood disks (approaching mycelia inoculum), and test wood disks precolonized with mycelia prior to chemical application (precolonized wood substrate).
96 standard, ASTM D6691, Test Method for Determining Aerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials in the Marine Environment by a Defined Microbial Consortium or Natural Sea Water Inoculum.
Micro-organism technologies--biodynamic preparations, leachates, liquid composts, EM (Effective Micro-organisms) and compost teas can be 'magic cures' for soil depletion, providing a concentrated inoculum of desirable micro-organisms.
This inoculum was added to PM1 and PM3 Plates from Biolog.
Consequently, growers must rely on the attrition of inoculum that occurs naturally when non-susceptible crops are grown instead of lettuce (i.