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being or producing something like nothing done or experienced or created before

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Examples of segment losses and segment alternations are presented in Table 2 where the innovational forms are shaded.
People with Artistic personalities tend to have artistic, innovational, intuitional, and aesthetic interests.
RS: I don't think any art theories can be convincing or even comprehensible if they do not rely to some extent on existing art practices, but to answer your question: I would say that Plato's theory of art was certainly innovational and interventionist in its degradation of art's cognitive and moral worth in mimesis.
It was launched at The Studio in Cannon Street by city MP Lynne Jones and Ravi Kapur, head of innovational challenges at the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (Nesta).
Since the level of GDP cannot change instantaneously, but rather is necessarily spread out over time, we estimate Innovational Outlier (IO) models, for which the effects of the structural change can occur slowly and that allow for a one-time change in both the intercept and the slope of the series.
In addition, this study is partially supported by the Advanced and Innovational Research program in Life Sciences from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology and the Japanese Government.
Grant/funding support: Supported in part by grants from Zon-MW Innovational Research (no.
Risks in supply chains could reside in physical, financial, informational, relational, and innovational subchains (Cavinato 2004).
Emergence of internet as the largest repository of information and knowledge, changed role of library and information science professionals from intermediary to facilitator, new tools for dissemination of information and shift from physical to virtual services environment and extinction of some conventional information services and emergence of new and innovational web based.
They have concluded the treaties on delivering of Kazakhstani wheat to Tatarstan and plans on creating of joint innovational projects in sphere of road construction and petro chemistry.
Stated differently, it is quite possible that short-run semi-monopolistic positions, agreements, and strategies, with accompanying short-run inefficiencies in resource allocation and inequalities of income distribution, are necessary to provide a basis for the innovational investment that brings greater long-run performance and more vigorous long-run competition.
Innovational management and quality, ULBS Publishing House, Sibiu
In achieving organizational excellence, an entrepreneurial leader is thereby a person who inspires, by appropriate means, a level of competence necessary to influence a group of individuals to become willing participants in the fulfillment of innovational goals.
The Grabowski and Vernon (1977, 361) three industry study and Scherer's (2001, 657) 196 industries study advocate regression analysis to establish reaction patterns between innovational output, such as R&D or patent and sales, in linear and polynomial form.
These teaching methods reveal promising, initial efforts to reduce students' statistics anxiety, but more innovational strategies of teaching statistics are needed (Huntley et al.
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