innominate bone

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large flaring bone forming one half of the pelvis

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Table 3 OTA Classification of Pelvic (Six) Ring (One) Fractures Type Description A Lesion sparing (no displacement of posterior arch) 1 Fracture of innominate bone, avulsion 2 Fracture of innominate bone, direct blow 3 Transverse fracture of sacrum and coccyx B Incomplete disruption of posterior arch, partially stable 1 Unilateral, partial disruption of posterior arch, external rotation (open-book 2 Unilateral, partial disruption of posterior arch, internal rotation (LC injury) 3 Bilateal, partial lesion of posterior arch C Complete disruption of posterior arch, unstable 1 Unilateral, complete disruption of posterior arch 2 Bilateral, ipsilateral complete, contralateral incomplete 3 Bilateral, complete disruption LC, lateral compression.
Equally, the forward tilting of the pelvis slides the innominate bones forward and down to increase the anterior-posterior diameter of the inlet.
Sacroiliac dysfunction, a malalignment of the sacrum and innominate bones of the hip and pelvis, may be an underrecognized component in some cases of interstitial cystitis.