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an inflatable rubber tube that fits inside the casing of a pneumatic tire

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It's much easier to just replace the inner tube and repair the punctured one when you get back home.
An inner tube made from it can withstand very high continuous loads and--despite its greatly reduced wall thickness--maintain a constant air pressure over long periods of time.
Furthermore, an inner tube made from this plastic can withstand a very high level of continuous load and--despite its greatly reduced wall thickness--maintain constant air pressure over long periods.
The turbulence enhancing corrugation of the inner tubes not only reduces the area requirement, but also reduces fouling, allowing for longer running times.
Early-day bicycles had both thin treads and thinner inner tubes.
But 29-year-old Barbara Anaya of Springfield and her two friends, who set out on inner tubes with no life vests, said they feel safer without them.
2 million units of tire casings and the same number of inner tubes of two wheelers ; and 784,000 units of tire casings and the same number of inner tubes of bicycles.
The shell and inner tubes are corrugated to increase the rate of heat transfer.
The flower absent from all bouquets), which uses a series of conjoined inner tubes to spell out the Mallarme quotation in its title.
The idea of crafting handbags from recycled inner tubes isn't new; eco-conscious companies have been doing so for nearly 25 years.
A college project ultimately led to his combining the two interests into a business making inner tubes into bags of all shapes and sizes, but Lewis worked as a designer and consultant for Case Logic, AeroGrow and other Boulder-area companies before incorporating in 2005.
We bought some ghetto inner tubes that could barely float, and then had a great time scraping our asses on the rocky bottom of the Boulder River while shooting the rapids.
Visitors can also float in inner tubes on the slow-moving current of a ``river'' called Big Rock River.
At-sea interdictions now total more than in any single year since 1994, when more than 37,000 Cubans--many using inner tubes or flimsy rafts--risked the perilous journey to reach the United States.
handbag maker has introduced a line of purses made out of the inner tubes of used off-road truck and tractor tires.