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a resource provided by the mind or one's personal capabilities

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Connection to the inner resource that all of us have is just a thought away.
An example of inner resource attack is distributed SYN flood attack.
The religions contain certain inner resources of a psychological, moral, and contemplative nature that can bring about an inward transformation of human motives that would then be consistent with a needed sensitivity toward the Earth, other species, and how we live and use technology.
This means we are here interested in exploring Islam's inner resources that would enable us to shape them into a universal vision of "Islam as a way of knowledge" rather than "Islam as a way of actions and as a way of doing things.
I summon the inner resources to stay on track by keeping my eye on this big picture.
Seniors are typically admitted to second- or third-tier colleges, though it is a point of pride that a high fraction of these students find the inner resources to graduate from college.
Rather, like oppressed people everywhere, he draws integrity from inner resources.
Also, women with poor self-esteem don't have the same confidence in their inner resources and also have less well-developed coping mechanisms.
Focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses and look for ways to use past experiences and inner resources to improve your potential.
Painting from the Source" is a unique opportunity to explore and expand the inner resources of your creativity with tempera paint.
Self employed psychotherapists charge between pounds 40 to pounds 70 a session If you're interested in helping others with their mental and emotional health, a career in psychotherapy may appeal Michelle Rushton lay back on the couch to find out more Person-centred - based on developing inner resources by expressing negative feelings with a permissive and accepting therapist British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy 0870 443 5252 www.
The four of us children grew up enriched by her self-determination and ever-flowing spring of inner resources.
n Person-centred - based on developing inner resources by expressing negative feelings with a permissive and accepting therapist.
It can be especially challenging for the counselor to help a camper identify his/her own inner resources when he/she has negative feelings about the situation the camper is in.
The Divine Declaration is very strongly recommended for all who are searching for a "user-friendly" instructive guide to developing their life's most productive and insightful progression through accessing their own inner resources.