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the quality of being innate

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One way in which this argument could work in the case of innateness, as Cowie notes, is by establishing that there is something that can be said to be essential to the concept 'innate'.
To be clear, the issue here is not innateness per se, but innate concepts.
He notes first that if one were to abide by the marks of religious common notions that Lord Herbert actually employs, there would perhaps be hundreds more since none of the five religious common notions that he mentions have the six qualifying characteristics of innateness that he discusses.
The consequence is: the sort of picture Adrian projects in asserting the innateness of his gayness does not exist within the perimeters of Darwin's clear-cut evolutionary theory; Darwin declares that not even an instance subsists and it has not been found to date.
Therefore, besides religious concepts, the notion of innateness can be well applied to almost all situations.
He focuses on the hows and whys of music in human life, rather than analysis and criticism, and provides short chapters on the challenges of writing about music; the difficulties in defining it; evolutionary theories of its origins; the innateness of music in humanity; the impression of character in musical works; the shape of musical patterns; the transience of music; its relationship to language; music in the natural world; folk and art music; music consumption; creativity; music-making; the mind and musical perception; listening preferences; music and identity; prejudice and tolerance in musical choices; religious interpretations of music; and music as a spiritual conduit.
Herdt states that "the traits of biological innateness, sexual exclusivity of erotic behavior, lifelong adherence to same-gender relations .
Because of this, masculinity should not be seen as "a psychological innateness of the social self (the Freudian or Jungian model) or a product of functional and largely static sex roles" (Whitehead 89).
Without such a critical theory EE maintains the assumptions and taken-for-granted beliefs that current global environmental conditions exist due to the natural order of things and the innateness of "human nature".
No one can deny them due to their innateness and being confirmed through intuition.
It must be said that this position is strongly based on phenomenological inquiry because, as Medina puts it, 'It is certainly true that for many lesbians and gay men, the significance they attach to what they feel to be the innateness of their sexuality contributes to an enhanced sense of self.
According to Smith,5 Chomsky has provided the best evidence in existence for innateness of some aspects of our knowledge of language and hence for Cartesian rationalism.
This conceptualization contrasts Schommer's (1990) earlier portrayal of the construct, which included dimensions regarding the speed of learning and innateness of learning ability.
This view is also shared by Farah et al, (2000) who found crucial evidence for the innateness of a face specific module.