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Synonyms for inky



Synonyms for inky

of the darkest achromatic visual value

Synonyms for inky

of the color of black ink

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R&D is the lifeblood of Toyo Ink, as the company moves forward in high-performance pigments, inkier, optoelectronics, flat screen display technology and LCD color filters, and RFID.
The Elite MaxPrint, priced at $1,990, is an automated, on-disc inkier printer that holds up to 280 discs and includes Label design software.
By partnering with Phoenix area companies, the base has been able to recycle almost anything, such as alkaline batteries, paper, wooden pallets, cell phones and inkier printer cartridges.
Recently Hitachi has made a dramatic entrance into the coding and labelling market with their range of continuous inkier printers, although it has been active in the Asian region since 1975.
But at the higher end, where wineries are likely to have premium fruit to begin with, there is undoubtedly another dynamic at work: the quest for Parker points, the fashion for bigger, denser, inkier wines.
based Lexmark, which makes and sells printing solutions for the home and office markets, is well known for its laser and inkier printers.
Many of these new digital camera users are time-starved and are attracted to the low cost of retail printing options compared with the high price of inkier cartridges and photo paper.
Inkier and color copiers, which counterfeiters might use, produce their colors with some combination of yellow, cyan, and magenta, Outland notes.
And with that, Augustin climbs over slippery rocks through the wafts of warm, moist air scented with toilet water and herbs and joins the hundreds of nearly naked men, women, and children crowded inkier the rushing pounding water.
Designers of inkier printing engines, diabetes blood sugar monitors, military equipment, and textile-coloring machines can make use of these check valves.
Change the charge pattern and you change the light/dark dot pattern - it's like electronically "printing" on the paper the way an inkier printer sprays dots.
Liquid ink applied in a traditional inkier system is increasingly out of favor because ink often "weeps" into the corrugated substrate over time, making the code unreadable.
Those textures don't always appear all that uniform with inkier printers.
Pen and inkier plotter models are available for less than $1000.