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Synonyms for injuriousness

destructiveness that causes harm or injury

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studies on injuriousness radiation repeaters one piece , fixed radio
Closely related to the ignorance manifested at a certain time in considering risks at their just injuriousness, is fear: the fear of being accountable for an assessment inadequately carried out, the fear of discovering risks which were not known before, the fear of having to address these new risks, as well as the fear of proving ignorance or arrogance in the activity.
Starting from these considerations one concludes that the application of rubber cushions on some barrier regions with a high injuriousness degree should contribute to impact attenuation as effect of the collision between the car and the safety barrier.
The conflicts in Sudan and Zimbabwe demonstrate China's willingness to circumvent, if not completely ignore, international pressure and underscore the potential injuriousness of its actions and the ramifications to U.
Curtis advocated the aspirate onset as a foil to the perceived injuriousness of the plosive attack, and hailed it as a cornerstone of his singing method, which debuted in the first edition of his book Voice Building and Tone Placing (1896).