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repeated Marmaduke; “there was no malice in the act that injured thee, young man; there should be none in the feelings which it may engender.
It was pretty plain that one was the devil, and protected the other; for when we recovered the boat, after she got afloat again, instead of finding these two creatures injured by the shock, we found nothing, not even the carriage or the case.
Yes, monsieur; and yet my boat was injured, seriously injured, for the prow is left upon the point of Sainte-Marguerite's, and the carpenter asks a hundred and twenty livres to repair it.
To his intense chagrin he soon found that his leg was more badly injured than he had thought, and that its condition seriously impeded his progress.
He squirmed and struggled, dabbing at the air with the injured as well as the uninjured forepaw and increasing his pain.
Then they were loaded off in some large city, and Michael continued on in greater quietness and comfort, although his injured foot still hurt and was bruised afresh whenever his crate was moved about in the car.
He owned to me that he had operated on another person injured by a shell-wound on the head at the battle of Solferino, and that the patient (recovering also in this case) recovered--mad.
If there had been such a person, she would certainly (the Prussians inform me) have been found in attendance on the injured Frenchmen.
The more he was thus injured, the more and the harder did Patsy bat.
When Watson attempted to tell how Patsy had injured his face in his attempts to bat with his head, Watson was openly scouted and flouted, and Judge Witberg again took him in hand.
There ensued a terrible tumult; a large number of persons were seriously injured.
When horses are injured, are they improved or deteriorated?
You are severe,' returned he, bowing slightly and drawing himself up with a proud yet injured air.
Mrs Partridge could not bear this imputation with patience; and having no other remedy in the present place but tears, she called forth a plentiful assistance from them, and then addressing herself to Mr Allworthy, she said (or rather cried), "May it please your worship, there never was any poor woman so injured as I am by that base man; for this is not the only instance of his falsehood to me.
All they had to do was to take the injured man to the police station and the hospital.