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The English Judge found, on the two key tests for the continuation of an injunction under English law, that Dana Gas has a "seriously arguable case" and that the balance of justice was in favour of the Company.
This includes those proceedings where a part 1 injunction is sought.
980 (b)(2), Order Denying Petition for Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence, Repeat Violence, Dating Violence, or Sexual Violence.
The odds of obtaining a permanent injunction have been affected by several fairly recent cases as well.
One of the criticisms of the city's gang injunction program is that it has been spread so broadly - with 40 injunctions covering 65 gangs - that enforcement is virtually impossible.
The injunction was taken out following a number of complaints to both the council and the police after the situation "escalated" on Wednesday of last week and bricks were thrown through the windows of homes in Abbey Green Court, Polesworth.
Asked to comment on these developments, Mississauga lawyer Geoff Cauchi remarked: "I understand the frustration of the defendants in being denied an opportunity to present at a full trial all the evidence and arguments in support of their position that they did not have the time to assemble at the hearing of the interlocutory injunction application.
Contrary to statements issued to the media by Westbourne that Judge Huff was expected to issue an injunction on Aug.
To obtain a preliminary injunction, the party seeking the injunction must show, among other things, a substantial probability of success on the merits.
The trial judge in the Supreme Court of Nassau County granted the injunction and extended the cure period for 90 days, during which time a court-appointed referee would determine whether Waldbaum was in breach of the lease, and if so, to review Waldbaum's effort to cure its default.
The judicial remedy of an injunction is a preventive measure to guard against future injury by requiring a party to refrain from doing or continuing to do certain acts.
Instead the purpose of this intimidating show of police force was to serve Costonie, as the boycott leader, with a temporary injunction ordering an immediate cessation of picketing.
The Company announced that a state court in Tazewell County, Virginia has issued a temporary injunction halting GeoMet's construction of a portion of the 12 mile pipeline it is constructing to interconnect the Company's production from its Pond Creek field to the Jewel Ridge interstate pipeline operated by East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC.
Arming police with another weapon in the fight against San Fernando Valley gangs, a judge approved a preliminary injunction Tuesday against the San Fer, a group prosecutors say has terrorized Northeast Valley residents for years.