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in an injudicious manner


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98) Despite the Emperor's injudiciously frank remarks, the meeting passed off amicably enough but produced no tangible results.
While the empirical data has failed to corroborate the supposition that schools are dangerous, boards of education with the financial assistance of special interest groups have injudiciously endorsed tertiary, reactionary, punitive, consensus, and ideologically based interventions.
Why are things done so slowly and so injudiciously in Oakland County?
In a 1953 letter to Graham Greene, he describes it dismissively as "a bit of nonsense begun 3 years ago & hastily finished & injudiciously published" (Letters 404).
Nonprofit hospitals have argued that they will not exercise economic power injudiciously because they are governed by boards of trustees that are composed of community representatives.
The implicit common denominator is that in each case (at least as presented by the narrator), a powerful male figure acts naively and injudiciously towards a woman, thereby damaging himself as well as her.
Carried out injudiciously, some experts fear it would trigger depressed prices and unit sales of both used and new machinery.
The suit against Bernardin appears to have been injudiciously rushed.
A firm's brand equity is gained over too long a period and at too high a cost to be treated injudiciously.
Naturally they prefered their co-religionists when those precious jobs were distributed, and, logically if injudiciously, they therefore took small pains to reinforce their ranks with later arrivals speaking German, Hebrew, Polish, and Italian.
Many hospitals fail to achieve the maximum benefits of a screening program because the dipstick criteria for miscroscopic examination are selected injudiciously.
Caracalla's tyrannical fratricide was a "horrid and bloody story" "all which" had been injudiciously "cram'd" into Rollo, "crude and undigested, as in the Original"; Rollo was "indeed a History, and it may well be a History; for never man of common sense could set himself to invent any thing so gross" (3) For Rymer, despite the changes in setting and naming, the Normans of Rollo are essentially reconstructions of the Romans of Herodian.
If that leads us to back hyped horses injudiciously, we will learn or else continue to pay a premium for it.
Kumar Sangakkara (75 balls, four fours), so composed until that point, suddenly appeared skittish and cut injudiciously at Warne.
Brian Lightman, head of St Cyres School, Penarth, and UK vice-president of the Association of School and College Leaders, said, "I don't think heads are using exclusion injudiciously.