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a contrivance for injecting (e

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DiBerto said, "In a DIG engine, the fuel injector is located directly in the combustion chamber.
Browse Contrast Media Injectors Market - Global Contrast Media Injector Products and Applications Analysis and Forecast 2013-2020 at http://www.
The advanced diesel piezoelectric injector locates several hundred thin crystals within the injector body.
The patented ECOTIP design incorporates improvement in the nozzle area, among them a reduced sac area that improves fuel atomization and reduces the amount of unspent fuel left within the injector tip.
Two of these general components, theconfinement system and the injector, could have a bearing on location choices.
Provides detailed analysis of pen injector market segments, market dynamics and market demographics
check the expiry date of the adrenaline auto-injectors and obtain replacements before they expire; expired injectors will be less effective
It was introduced to demonstrate and measure the detrimental effects of injector nozzle deposits on engine performance in common rail engines, specifically engine power.
Inspection revealed small unknown foreign debris in the cylinders one, three and five fuel injector nozzles.
By use of the information contained in the actuation voltage and current, the opening and closing times of the injector are derivable.
All parts not specifically mentioned in this specification, which are necessary or which are normally furnished in order to provide a complete and functional fuel injector shall be furnished by the successful bidder at the bid price, and shall conform in quality of material and workmanship to sound engineering standards.
According to the agency, an injector printed by selective laser melting passed a test stand firing that generated 20,000 pounds of thrust.
The component tested during the engine firing, an injector, delivers propellants to power an engine and provides the thrust necessary to send rockets to space.
The family consists of two injection transformers, a DC bias injector, a line injector, a solid state voltage injector, and a unique solid state current injector along with cascadable attenuators.
Some M12A1 decons won't pump decon because their fuel injector pumps have stopped pumping.