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Synonyms for injection

Synonyms for injection

the forceful insertion of a substance under pressure

any solution that is injected (as into the skin)


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the act of putting a liquid into the body by means of a syringe

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Task of this simulation was compared two alternatives of using injection channels into mould and evaluated which alternative is better.
In these figures is also represented injection channels location.
Pushtrusion units can be scaled up or down for a wide range of injection press sizes.
However, some superheat is necessary in most processes to accommodate temperature loss during a degassing/flux injection process, as well as the time of transport into a transfer ladle or into one or more casting units/holding furnaces.
On further questioning, they indicated that the injection of mercury is a common practice among people who wish to travel abroad.
When one is injecting the posterior cricoarytenoid muscle, the larynx is rotated away from the side of the injection and the needle is placed percutaneously into the skin over the lateral aspect of the thyroid ala below its midpoint.
C Copaxone (copolymer 1) is taken every day, using the shallow subcutaneous injection method, which can be done at home by the person with MS or by a family member following brief training.
Metal powder injection molding (MIM): key trends and markets.
Options: Accumulator-assisted injection; cavity-pressure transfer; Vario off-centered injection; convertible (horizontal/vertical) clamp and injection unit; various control expansion packages; electric drive for plastication.
the injection port should be designed to avoid premature freezing during the dwell time since pressure is not transmitted after it freezes;
Third, injection therapy requires far less time under anesthesia than does excision.
Field work began with installation of twelve injection boreholes to depths as great as 83 feet, in a 125 feet long by 25 feet wide treatment area.
Injection unit: Hydraulic, twin-barrel, one- or two-stage
Session 1 on "Special injection molding processes I" will include the following technical presentations: "Application of the fluid injection technique with branched and ring-shaped parts," O.