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Synonyms for initiatory

of, relating to, or occurring at the start of something

Synonyms for initiatory

serving to set in motion

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If A Hell of a Woman is to come to a satisfactory moment of significant discharge, then it must move forward, but the only way it can move forward is to reject its initiatory first-person narrative and embrace its alternate one.
To summarize my account of the last layer of meaning to be uncovered, I would say that although Odile has an initiatory structure, the debt to Guenon is critical above all.
The ordering and individual structure of these ten scenes reveal an initiatory design.
17) It is precisely under such conditions that initiatory participation may prosper.
In the wondrously pederastic Phaedrus, Socrates identifies four different forms of divine madness: the prophetic, the poetic, the initiatory and the erotic.
through comprehension, whether naive, subtle, vulgar or refined, of this model [of propriety], all the more discriminatory because it was initiatory, that everyone's vestimentary behavior was distinguished and relentlessly classified.
Each union's vote is the outcome of complex intra-and inter-organizational procedures and arrangements, and the unions are seldom united on major issues in opposition to the parliamentary leadership and have rarely played an initiatory role in changing party policy, even during the constitutional crisis of 1979-82.
Such a group, thereby enjoying the fruits of production and commerce (in ideas as well as goods and services), would eventually outlaw initiatory force by enshrining individual rights and restricting retaliatory force to government.
From them radiates a network of social and cultural relations grounded in reciprocities, balances, secrecies, and initiatory disclosures that make the Hopi seem not just a unified culture but a coherent society.
Indeed, his very first utterance in the story is of his longing for "an initiatory adventure .
The telling of creation myths in many traditional societies forms a vital part of teaching the initiatory rituals.
Chapter Three is an interpretation of Hopi prayer and how it operates in the Powamuya ("Bean Dance") ceremony in its initiatory form.
In PPPs, while being consensual and contractual in nature, the initiatory and ultimate decision for a PPP-government project lies with the public sector.
For Frunza, Dumitru Staniloaes work must be perceived as 'an initiatory journey, an assumption of an existential approach that engages you with your entire world" (Frunza 2016, 9).