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(computer science) the format of sectors on the surface of a hard disk drive so that the operating system can access them and setting a starting position

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com/support/fixcentral) download a new initialization tool package from IBM's FixCentral.
An important piece of work in this direction is the k-means++ algorithm which consists of the initialization step and k-means step.
The initialization parameter SHARED_POOL_RESERVED_SIZE specifies how much of the shared pool has to be set aside for the reserved list.
This is attributed to the fact that EM requires initialization in the form of, number of clusters to be expected of the neural network.
Initialization or update the spare parts database and industrial designs,
By running on a host instead of on the switch, GridVision Enhanced further accelerates the speed of all fabric management related tasks including fabric initialization or "bring up", troubleshooting and accessing critical operational information.
Cutting the market:: Tranche 1 closed: Initialization: - Initialization phase of 2 months in a row to start services by entering the service: Tranche 2 conditional: regular service: - Support Level 2: - Operational maintenance and monitoring services: - Monitoring of operations: - Management of delivery: Tranche 3 conditional orders: additional services: Additional benefits of technology market as defined in the specifications: extension of working hours, increased workload, whose exceptional performance scenarios are described in Annex CDC.
As a member of the Tactical Software product line, TTYredirector supports public TCP/IP protocols, automated server login, local signal emulation, remote port initialization using the RFC 2217 COM Port Control protocol, remote port synchronization, data rate limiting and many other features for compatibility with applications and servers.
Increased capabilities in demand forecasting including the ability to dynamically define initialization periods;
Secure Boot Mechanism - Verifies the initialization of critical security software components.
The custom installation program includes the installation of an LCD or plasma TV from 13 - 46 inches, the supply and initialization of an iO high-definition cable box, 48-hour installation turnaround and premium-scheduling placement.
After system initialization, ongoing bi-directional communications facilitate intelligent power system operation.
ACO SERVICE exclusively provides consumers following additional user-friendly features: i) Hassle-free, easy & convenient, automatic set-up, initialization and registration, ii) Mobile remote scheduling through cellular phone, PDA, etc.
Bad-block management routines replace worn blocks with spare blocks reserved by the controller's on-card initialization.
Winecfg -- With the completion of winecfg, developers no longer have to create customized configuration files for initialization and application settings;