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placed in a grave

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Besides inhumed bones, the stone-cist graves yielded a small quantity of burnt bones.
The overwhelming majority of the late interments are sub-adults, and this remains true even given the considerable probability that radiocarbon dating may have missed some inhumed adults from this time period.
The dead were inhumed in a supine position, and accompanied by many ceramic vessels, polished stone rings and bronzes in the form of socketed spears and axes.
It was the profound obligation of the family, therefore, to see that a body was properly inhumed.
Thus, 46% of the inhumed males at Lejasbiteni and 48% at Salaspils Laukskola died aged 40-54.
Life expectancy for inhumed males at age 20 at Laukskola, [e.
3 years, slightly exceeding the figure for inhumed women, where [e.