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Synonyms for inhumation

an act of placing a body in a grave or tomb

Synonyms for inhumation

the ritual placing of a corpse in a grave

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As noted in previous studies, there are several instances of primary inhumations at Catalhoyuk missing crania and mandibles and, in at least one instance, bearing cut marks on the atlas (C1) vertebra (Andrews et al.
To date, intact Neolithic inhumation burials have only been discovered in two Irish caves--Annagh Cave and Kilgreany Cave.
Inhumation burials: Kruje, grave 28 (Anamali and Spahiu 1963, pp.
In this area, the practice of wrapping bodies in bear skins extended over a 1,000-year period, starting in the Roman Iron Age in south-western Finland (Kivikoski 1965) and ending with the Medieval Age inhumation burials in the east (Kirkinen 2015).
71) Among the examples recovered from inhumation tombs, Angel identified several infants in pit tombs broadly dating to the phase spanning Final Mycenaean through earliest Protogeometric.
In a report based on interim accounts of the excavator at Wasperton, Philip Wise of the Warwickshire Museum (the explorations were conducted by Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit on behalf of the Museum) records that the site produced twenty-five cremations, mostly in urns, and 182 inhumations.
A primary inhumation is perhaps the less probable option, though in view of the disturbed state of the grave and the possibly shallow burial, it cannot be ruled out.
Following the conventional Hallstatt pattern, the mound contained a central inhumation (in this case two superimposed) surrounded by satellite graves.
In this site, one of many "pit sites" of the regional Calcolithic and Bronze Age, abundant underground structures containing pottery sherds and faunal bones have been found, one of which contained a primary burial of individual inhumation.
This latter practice is also found at Teouma, where a large upturned carinated vessel with dentate-stamped decoration was seemingly in association either with a pot containing a human skull with an upturned flat-bottomed dish on top of it, and/or with an adjacent inhumation (see photographs in Bedford et al.
It includes 216 inhumation graves in use from the sixth to eighth centuries.
Inhumation burials in the stone grave were dated to the 5th century BC (Laneman & Lang 2013, 112), thus being much younger from the first burials made on that site.
2007): A Multidisciplinary Approach Reveals an Extraordinary Double Inhumation in the osteoarchaeological Record.