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the quality of lacking compassion or consideration for others

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I believe I have said enough that anyone interested in understanding this conception of inhumaneness within another moral theory should have no trouble following my examples--and no trouble getting much the same result.
We need a conception of inhumaneness that both explains what we say and helps us to understand why we say it.
If inhumaneness is a function of revulsion (rather than of simple harm or suffering), we can easily explain what causes us to suppress inhumane treatment (though not why we are justified in doing so): we do not want to be revolted.
The root idea of inhumaneness is that the conduct in question is somehow inconsistent with having the sensitivities characteristic of human beings in general.
If the list of disallowed reasons tracked ordinary morality, inhumaneness would still be a morally uninteresting category.
The inhumaneness of torture rules out that justification (or, rather, the unreliability of that reason gives us a decisive reason to rule out any act to be done for that reason).
The two theories I have chosen to illustrate how a conception of humaneness might yield an absolute prohibition of the conduct in question are, each in its own way, the ones least likely to generate an appropriate conception of inhumaneness.
The only way to justify the conduct in question is by a higher-order argument, one that shows that there is a decisive reason to revise our conception of inhumaneness to allow reasons of the disallowed sort into a justification of the conduct in question.
37) One illuminating way for an act-utilitarian to think about inhumaneness is the social analogue of a "Ulysses contract" (something that protects a moral agent from his own judgment under conditions known to make that judgment unreliable).
And they saw the inhumaneness that reigned at the refugee-crammed Superdome and New Orleans convention center as people, again mostly black and poor, were forced to wait in subhuman conditions for evacuation.
It's my conviction that, notwithstanding the character of many religious traditions and institutions historically and currently, religion is not synonymous with superstition and inhumaneness.
inhumanity," which can thus be read as both the inhumaneness of utilitarianism, and the uncanniness of human experiences which political economy cannot fathom.
This nullification spares not the mores of liberal humaneness nor those of heroic inhumaneness nor those of any other worldview listed earlier.
Similar nature of inhumaneness was also carried out in 2008 by Israel when she rejected appeals of world community for stopping attacks on Gaza.
Deeply concerned by inhumaneness of drive hunt dolphin killing.