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in an inhumane manner


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He said, "Unfortunately, they treat families who have children studying abroad or patients with hard-to-treat diseases inhumanely in order to sell them $300.
Six months ago, DeFazio and Campbell called for a congressional oversight hearing to look into allegations, raised by The Sacramento Bee and nonprofit groups, that the agency indiscriminately and inhumanely targets wildlife and that its practices lack a scientific foundation.
During Al A'shera Masaa'n TV show, on Tuesday night, El-Zieny said the prisoners are being treating inhumanely by Ministry of Interior security forces.
Pakistani newspapers say some sheep from the shipment had been inhumanely slaughtered en masse in Pakistan.
A privilege of living here as an expat or being Bahraini is having access to cheap labour, but that's not an excuse for treating people inhumanely.
USDA officials say that they have no reason to question the safety of beef produced at a California slaughterhouse, but that a video of cattle being treated inhumanely at the facility has resulted in the department withdrawing inspection services there, effectively shutting the plant.
Millions of pigs spend their lives in crates that are inhumanely small and do not allow them to move freely and express their natural behaviors," said American Humane Association President & CEO Dr.
Some 80% of Europe's farm animals are factory farmed - inhumanely housed, bred, reared and slaughtered.
All of them were cleared apart from Corporal Donald Payne, who became the first member of the British armed forces to be convicted of a war crime when he pleaded guilty to inhumanely treating civilians, but was acquitted of manslaughter.
The trial ended with them all cleared, apart from Corporal Donald Payne, who became the first member of the British armed forces convicted of a war crime when he pleaded guilty to inhumanely treating civilians.
After the attack on The Freedom Theatre's office and multimedia centre, during which you arrested our head technician Adnan Naghnaghiye and Bilal Saadi, the chairperson of The Freedom Theatre Board in Jenin; and after you have for two weeks refused Adnan and Bilaal access to a lawyer, treated them inhumanely and denied them their basic human rights, and after the arrest of our acting student Rami Hwayel, we hereby state:We encourage all efforts to find whoever is responsible for the brutal murder of Juliano Mer Khamis and we are deeply concerned over the fact that the murderer has not yet been found.
The larger issue is that the one-child policy is so extreme that it emboldened local officials to act so inhumanely," Brookings Institution senior fellow Wang Feng said.
Beyond the criminal aspect of their corruption, the tragic part is that they amassed this obscene largess while their people suffered inhumanely from poverty.
We were put in Pul-i-Charkhi prison, where I saw inmates treated inhumanely.
Such centers are usually military camps or secret detention camps where people are inhumanely tortured," the statement added.