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Alkhatib said he had been thrown in jail several times before he was forced to leave the country and described dozens of prisoners held in very small cells and the inhuman treatment they received from their captors.
During the meeting, both sides discussed joint cooperation in the area of building technical and professional training capacities for the prevention of torture and all forms of cruel, inhuman treatment and degrading personal dignity through providing means of protection and follow-up.
Which is rubbish and nowhere near a good enough excuse for the inhuman treatment patients are increasingly receiving at the hands of some nurses.
Prisoners' Affairs Ministry lawyer Jamil Sa'adeh said that a number of prisoners detained in Huwara military camp went on a hunger strike to protest the inhuman treatment by the Israeli soldiers.
special rapporteur on torture said Tuesday that the death penalty is increasingly being viewed as tantamount to torture and cruel, inhuman treatment, and called for giving serious consideration to its legality.
His lawyers argue - you can guess what comes next - if he was deported he'd face torture and inhuman treatment at the hands of Kenyan authorities.
The killing of civilians and various allegations of torture and other cruel or inhuman treatment are yet to be investigated in an impartial and thorough manner.
While there are authorities to ensure such inhuman treatment is not meted out to these unfortunate human machines, many employers do all that is possible to break laws for their vested interests and push the workers into very miserable conditions.
The Public Prosecution has set up a committee to investigate cases relating to deaths, torture and inhuman treatment.
Some artefacts depicted are extraordinary, such as the censored letter that describes the inhuman treatment of army prisoners by the NZ authorities and the alleged conspiracy by authorities to silence criticism, inclusive of men being shot by their own leaders.
In a test case ahead of more than 200 similar actions pending against the UK, the Strasbourg judges decreed that the UK's duty to protect people against torture or inhuman treatment is "absolute".
They also deplored that the population in the camps continue to endure inhuman treatment deprived of their basic living conditions.
Hundreds of Palestinians stage sit-in at an Israeli military barrier in protest against the inhuman treatment, One Palestinian injured in Gaza .
On October 21, in a formal comment, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Thomas Hammerberg, called for an end to inhuman treatment of persons with disabilities.
UNITED NATIONS: Torture remains prevalent around the world and millions of jail inmates suffer inhuman treatment, a UN specialist said Tuesday.