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in an inhospitable manner


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The description of Canada's "deathly" winters and "inescapably and inhospitably cold" land suggests the dangers of the Canadian landscape.
According to Turner, "I approach territorial and customer restrictions not hospitably in the common law tradition, but inhospitably in the tradition of antitrust law.
Justice Alito stated in apparent disbelief particularly due to the area's inhospitably high temperatures and generally "rugged location", that the cross was viewed very often.
As for the inhospitably inaudible, the cold-slab districts contrived from unappealing materials, I navigated these as well, because a city must make room for everything and think of everyone, even those who prefer feeling excluded.
19) Certainly the implication is that Kaye murders Cody because she realizes how close he has become to his young companion of five years: She marries Cody in 1902 and "send[s] him to sea in a yacht"; five years later, he takes Gatz/Gatsby aboard and they live and travel together for another five years; the arrangement, Nick says, "might have lasted indefinitely except for the fact that Ella Kaye came on board one night in Boston and a week later Dan Cody inhospitably died" (p.
An espresso prepared and served painstakingly, inhospitably, or tentatively diminishes the taste.
Wisconsin in January is inhospitably cold, while Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan lost just once in 19 Georgia Dome starts.
The illustration reiterates Trollope's critique that American men inhospitably assume social privileges and comforts (dining privately in a backroom because "gentlemen liked it better") while women "make do" as social subordinates.
Displayed in the ICA's always severe and inhospitably lit ground-floor gallery, the spartan setup of these works apparently aimed to heighten the room's bleak character rather than compensate for it.
Collioure, the table wine of the Banyuls district, comes from such inhospitably stony vineyards that almost everything has to be done by hand, but Abbe Rous offers great value especially for their Cuvee des Peintres range.
In inhospitably cold conditions in Northern Ireland, Dravid's team got themselves into a similar position - needing to win twice to beat South Africa in the Future Cup.
She can be critical: America inhospitably receives visitors through "the back door of the city"; aware: "Americans inhabit the divine realm of everlasting youth; a Japanese after fifty is 'capped and retired'"; and racially sensitive: "every Chinee .
Evidently, Grinnell did not believe that acting inhospitably toward her friend Charlotte carried the same stigma as being criticized by her white friends in New Bedford, but she was apparently unaware of such contradictions in her own thinking.
But thinkers working on the archives, histories, and conceptualities written in its name have had many different things and a great deal to say about Derrida: sometimes directly or discreetly or inadvertently, sometimes indirectly in the shape of negotiating with what is called "theory," sometimes in the form of a kind of commerce (without commerce) with troublesome ghosts ("de Man" and "history" are scholarly apparitions that come quickly to mind), sometimes with boundless curiosity or thoughtful hospitality, and sometimes inhospitably in the mode of repelling an unbidden specter.
In actuality, the Pleistocene world at glacial maximum was inhospitably dry as well as cold, with equatorial rainforests reduced to scattered refugia and with deserts covering areas such as the Argentine pampas that are now relatively humid.