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We consider the electrostatic and magnetostatic field in a stationary isotropic inhomogeneous polarized medium.
A control CT scan was performed 3 weeks later (Somatom sensation 64; Siemens Healthcare, Erlangen, Germany) and showed a persisting inhomogeneous lesion in the left liver lobe (S3), 33 x 28 mm in diameter, with a hypodense zone of liquid density, along with peripheral enhancement in arterial, portal venous and venous phases (Figure 4).
Most GCMs and LESs assume fully homogeneous rather than inhomogeneous mixing despite recent measurements in convective clouds (Beals et al.
The major limitation of region-based approach is that it is very difficult to define a suitable region descriptor for image with inhomogeneous intensity [19].
Reducing the problem of wave propagation in inhomogeneous media to the problem of turbulent mixing is highly useful: trubulent diffusion has been studied for a very long time, and there is a long list of theoretical achievements [5-15].
Since both parameters (temperature and concentration) alter as drying proceeds, inhomogeneous evaporation rates lead to gradients in surface tension.
splenomegaly, periportal areas of low attenuation, inhomogeneous enhancement of liver, gallbladder wall thickening, lymphadenopathy, splenic infarct, and ascites.
T2--intraaxial-supratentorial, with the emphasis of the left F-T-P-O lobe, showed a large inhomogeneous, hyper-intense T2 range.
Grudev complained that he was forced to defend an inhomogeneous program lacking clearly defined goals at the EC, stressing that he had to continue working on the scheme because Bulgaria owed this to the business sector and to the beneficiaries under the program.
Because it is extremely flexible and easy to implement, they say, it is an essential tool in modeling inhomogeneous, anisotropic, and dispersive media with random, multilayers, and periodic fundamental or device nanostructures.
His argument for an ontological and inhomogeneous past-present-future structure ("ppf") within a light cone logically entails that, mutatis mutandis, more than that single light cone has the same ppf structure.
These solutions include natural salt enhancers, enhancement through inhomogeneous distribution and enhancement by controlling serum release.
Therefore in this research, photodegradation of some compounds was investigated in aqueous samples in the presence of zinc sulfide nanoparticles as an inhomogeneous photocatalyst," Dr.
The curved surface in inhomogeneous plasma cylinder array exists not only at the plasma-vacuum interface, but also inside every inhomogeneous plasma cylinder in the array.