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Synonyms for inhibited

Synonyms for inhibited

tending to keep one's thoughts and emotions to oneself

deficient in or lacking sexual desire

Antonyms for inhibited

held back or restrained or prevented

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Activation of interferon regulatory factor 3 is inhibited by the influenza A virus NS1 protein.
Louis, Missouri, urban particles [UPs; Standard Reference Material (SRM) 1648] could be inhibited by losartan, an A[T.
This investigation will involve looking at the benefits and drawbacks of using scorch inhibited peroxides and coagents.
As anticipated, Ape1 exonuclease activity on a 1 nt gap substrate was similarly inhibited by Fe(II), Pb(II), and Cd(II), with no significant effect seen with the other metals (data not shown), suggesting a general (substrate-independent) inactivation of Ape1 catalytic activities.
GX15-070 is designed to restore apoptosis, the natural process of cell death that is often inhibited in cancer cells.
Celecoxib inhibited growth of cells from two types of prostate tumors that don't express COX-2, says Dannenberg, who acknowledges past financial support from the drug's maker.
4] inhibited constitutive as well as A23187-stimulated NO production.
Virotech scientists originally theorized that this compound would principally inhibit viral activity within macrophages (one form of the body's own defense cells), however, after testing against HIV, it was found the not only did this new drug inhibit viral activity with macrophages, but similarly, it inhibited the viral activity within lymphocytes (OM-10.
GX15-070 potently inhibited the clonogenic ability of AML blasts at sub-micromolar doses and, in 6/7 primary AML samples, induced apoptosis in CD34+ progenitor cells.
Heightened hormone responses to mildly stressful events throughout life ultimately undermined the capacity of the inhibited rats to resist tumors and other health threats, contend Sonia A.
This enabled them to measure how TOR interacts with each yeast gene, using rapamycin sensitivity (how much growth is inhibited by the drug) as a gauge.
Thirteen people in their early 20s whom the psychologists had categorized as inhibited during infancy displayed much more amygdala activity when shown new faces versus familiar ones, say Carl E.
Treatment with arsenite inhibited acetylcholine-induced relaxation of the aortic rings in a concentration-dependent manner, whereas several other arsenic species did not have any effect.
If iodine uptake is inhibited by too much for too long, the result could be hypothyroidism, a condition in which blood levels of thyroid hormone are abnormally low and those of the pituitary hormone thyrotropin (TSH) are abnormally high.