inherited wealth

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wealth that is inherited rather than earned

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Similarly, European wealth transfer is expected to be smaller than North America in both absolute and relative terms, but Europe already has a higher proportion of inherited wealth, according to the report.
Using a plethora of data, Piketty argues the meritocratic values of democracy are being undermined by super-manager salaries (super-managers earn more than 500 times what shop workers earn) and inherited wealth (where birth matters more than labor or talent).
Premiership managers are one of the most highly paid elite group of employees in the country, way ahead of all but the top end of investment bankers, very senior managers in global businesses and those who enjoy serious inherited wealth.
The 50-strong rich list has been altered to reflect a new emphasis on the region's three LEPs and to include those whose fortunes are used to benefit or enrich the West Midlands and its immediate area, and less on inherited wealth which does little to improve the lives of people in the region.
The children of the 1960s and 1970s will only be better off than the previous generation if they retire due to inherited wealth, a leading economic think-tank has found.
Of that total, [pounds sterling]57bn went to a fifth of the population, which absorbed 76% of all inherited wealth from 2008-2010.
The newspaper, citing an internal investigation at UMass Medical School, reported that Leo Villani of Uxbridge explained his fancy cars and $600,000 palatial home in south Uxbridge to co-workers by saying he had inherited wealth.
As inherited wealth declines and as fortunes are made at a more rapid rate than ever before, the challenges facing newly wealthy individuals and families around planning for the future become more pressing and acute, the report.
Divisions among Democrats are undermining President Barack Obama's push to raise the US estate tax on inherited wealth, just weeks before the arrival of the "fiscal cliff" could drive the present estate tax rate even higher than Obama proposes.
Only 5 per cent were on the hunt for a guy with inherited wealth, the research by Peter Jonason of the University of Western Sydney found.
When Congress revisits the estate tax laws, it should consider policies that boost savings of inherited wealth, Zagorsky suggests.
The report also suggests that most respondents believe earned wealth is the key to financial happiness as opposed to inherited wealth.
To this end, it would be far better to progressively tax unearned inherited wealth so as to provide educational opportunities.
Dogs may also have been the first major item of inherited wealth, even before cattle.
Chase's inherited wealth and fascination with Russian dancer Mikhail Mordkin generated Ballet Theatre, and she lent it financial and moral support through its first four decades.