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Synonyms for inheritance

Synonyms for inheritance

any special privilege accorded a firstborn

something immaterial, as a style or philosophy, that is passed from one generation to another

Synonyms for inheritance

hereditary succession to a title or an office or property


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any attribute or immaterial possession that is inherited from ancestors

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The laws governing inheritance are quite unknown; no one can say why the same peculiarity in different individuals of the same species, and in individuals of different species, is sometimes inherited and sometimes not so; why the child often reverts in certain characters to its grandfather or grandmother or other much more remote ancestor; why a peculiarity is often transmitted from one sex to both sexes or to one sex alone, more commonly but not exclusively to the like sex.
After the mother's death, Michael had five thousand pounds, to set against Andrew's inheritance augmented to one hundred thousand, and Selina's inheritance increased to fifty thousand.
He at once proposed to divide his inheritance with his elder brother.
Miss Fairlie's expectations, then, were of a twofold kind, comprising her possible inheritance of real property, or land, when her uncle died, and her absolute inheritance of personal property, or money, when she came of age.
Frederick Fairlie's death: First, the use of three thousand a year (by his wife's permission, while she lived, and in his own right, on her death, if he survived her); and, secondly, the inheritance of Limmeridge for his son, if he had one.
This part of her inheritance was, in itself, a comfortable little fortune.
This was a great matter in the way of honor, but very little in the way of wealth; so that when the illustrious companion of the great Henry died, the only inheritance he was able to leave his son was his sword and his motto.
Besides, one must lay out one's inheritance somehow.
As to his inheritance and the part played by Prince Vasili, it is very sad for both.
He divided things so justly, and so much to every one's satisfaction, that they only desired one general writing under my hand for the whole, which I caused to be drawn up, and signed and sealed, setting out the bounds and situation of every man's plantation, and testifying that I gave them thereby severally a right to the whole possession and inheritance of the respective plantations or farms, with their improvements, to them and their heirs, reserving all the rest of the island as my own property, and a certain rent for every particular plantation after eleven years, if I, or any one from me, or in my name, came to demand it, producing an attested copy of the same writing.
Why, I first told her the nature of our laws about marriage, and what the reasons were that men and women were obliged to enter into such compacts as it was neither in the power of one nor other to break; that otherwise, order and justice could not be maintained, and men would run from their wives, and abandon their children, mix confusedly with one another, and neither families be kept entire, nor inheritances be settled by legal descent.
Calls for equality between men and women in inheritance have arisen once again in Egypt, after protests continued in Tunisia by a number of women's organisations to demand equality with men in inheritance rights.
Thousands of women in Tunisia are expected to take to the streets on Saturday demanding equal inheritance rights with men -- a subject so taboo that it is rarely even debated in the Arab world, activists said.
MANILA, Philippines The Center for Global Best Practices (CGBP) will host a program titled, "Families' Guide to the Inheritance Law of the Philippines" on Feb.
The parliament is set to consider a new draft law that makes women debtors involved in community service works as an alternative penalty to imprisonment CAIRO -- 3 January 2018: President Abdel Fatah al-Sisi approved on January 1 the amendments to Inheritance Law 77/1943, imposing strict sanctions on those who disinherit members of a family, particularly women, from receiving their rightful shares.