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Synonyms for inhere

to have an inherent basis

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be inherent in something

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It sheds considerable light on the numerous challenges that inhere in restoring and protecting long abused water systems that are regulated by numerous governmental institutions and of vital interest to a multiplicity of stakeholders.
38) This problem will concern us below in [section] III where I will attend to Leibniz's understanding of modes or accidents; in particular, the ways in which they are thought to inhere in individual monads.
However, just as important, it can also help us to understand the particularities that inhere in these identities and how they influence the hurdles to be leapt in the race toward degree attainment.
Practices informing medieval map-paemundi inhere in world maps that reach into the classical age.
In the end, Wolterstorff goes beyond even the historical Christian idea that humanity's creation in the image of God (imago dei) provides a rationale for rights, instead concluding, "If God loves, in the mode of [Augustinian] attachment, each and every human being equally and permanently, then natural human rights inhere in the worth bestowed on human beings by that love.
But perhaps most interestingly, the metabolic syndrome thrives because the notion of a distinct pathophysiologic entity indulges the intuitive essentialism and predilections for simplification and category formation that inhere in human cognition as evolutionary legacies (3).
The Court noted that "the elements of Sherman Act violation do not inhere in failed negotiations" and it "is not the judicial role to readjust the risks in high stakes commercial dealings.
Western civilization is rooted in the principle that human rights and dignity inhere to every individual as a creature made in God's likeness, and possessing attributes of intellect, reason, conscience, and free will.
And yes, those problems inhere primarily in education, not just in a single district like the LAUSD.
While recognizing the difficulties of proof that may inhere in meeting the traditional causation standard in malpractice cases, and the potentially harsh outcomes that may result, such difficulties may, indeed, be uniquely complex and challenging in cases involving suicide, where even under accepted standards of care predictions of suicide are notoriously difficult and compounded by the fact that the potentially suicidal patient, unlike other malpractice situations, may be actively working at cross-purposes to the practitioner's goals.
Such responses, I believe, highlight the importance of the text in drawing attention to the problems that currently inhere to the study of suicide, particularly as it most often fails to account for culture.
But be warned - pop inhere one lunch time after a bad morning in the office and your wallet might regret it.
We have friends round here quite often and I'llcook for us all,four course meals,and we'll stay inhere all night.
The second is the idea that legal rights are a function of being "part of a nation-state"--an idea radically at odds with the American proposition that rights inhere in individuals.
Dollimore suggests that for all these writers, "death is not merely an ending but an internal undoing"; consequently, the "absolutely other is found to inhere within the self-same as nothing less than the dynamic of its dissolution" (76).