inhalation anesthetic

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The mechanism behind inhalation anesthetics, however, is not as easily explained.
a provider of generic inhalation anesthetics, jointly announced that they have signed a definitive merger agreement for Piramal to acquire Minrad.
We also anticipate huge revenue and earnings growth in 2007 with concomitant increases in the market value of the Company as Minrad's generic inhalation anesthetic business blossoms and successes are posted in the development of their conscious sedation and real-time imaging programs.
However, the anticipated growth of the Company's generic inhalation anesthetic business alone should provide significant increases in Minrad's market value and allow for successes in conscious sedation and real-time imaging to provide "icing on the cake.
today announced Adeka, a large national pharmaceutical company in Turkey with offices located in Istanbul, has recently received government approval to sell MINRAD's Sojourn(TM) (Sevoflurane) inhalation anesthetic in Turkey.
Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine to market Petrem(TM) (Sevoflurane) inhalation anesthetic.
Food and Drug Administration to market Sojourn(TM) (Sevoflurane) inhalation anesthetic.
Anesthesiologists, technicians, and medical facilities around the world are rapidly adopting more economical closed- and semi-closed low flow methods of administering inhalation anesthetic.
The variances reflect start-up of Buffalo image-guided manufacturing, $(82,000) and $(300,000) from volume, inventory and efficiency variances in the Bethlehem inhalation anesthetic facility.