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the act of dwelling in or living permanently in a place (said of both animals and men)

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The body's inhabitation of a lived space, which makes it an embodied space is the location which is bound to human and bodily experience (Low 9).
The illuminating inhabitation of God's Spirit is needed.
Style "Persian-Hellenized city" like "Persian Shar" and Greek state-city became a center for the inhabitation of elite classes of the society.
Continuing in the tradition of previous works like Structure of the World Compared to a Bubble (2004), Manatee/Humanity (2009), and Gossamurmur (2013), Waldman seeks out alternative personae and phenomena for inhabitation, in and through which to grow her poetics.
Black studies, as a continuous moment of black articulation, constantly invokes an activated notion of the inheritance and inhabitation of this genocide continuum.
The document emphasizes the difficulties many developing countries face in managing allergic diseases mainly caused by insufficient levels of healthcare, heterogeneous inhabitation and a lack of educational programs for healthcare providers and patients.
An attention to the hysteric's inhabitation of inner time, for Kristeva, points to the prephysical, the originary link to the maternal, and the ordinariness of madness.
Tears, To Cities, poems of inhabitation, To Images, for their redeeming
It is precisely in opening up a radical alternative to architecture-as-usual, while simultaneously emphasizing architecture's fundamental capacity to develop social interaction--triggering fluid and interwoven processes of construction, inhabitation, and interaction--that Gramsci Monument reaffirms the possibility of public space.
Such a thought--to feel a connection between privation and alertness, between absence and fullness--is occasioned by Stanley Cavell's highlighting Thoreau's luminous puns on morning/mourning, and also of Cornel West's illumination of the connection between morning and suffering as something known not by the water of Walden but by the flowing of tears--as if weeping were a transformation of solitude into community, the dawning of one's authentic inhabitation in the world.
Participation is "the inhabitation of a first-person stance.
However, a pamphlet published by a local tour operator, which offers tours to Jabal Jassasiyah, claims the site is home to 'ancient carvings that date back to 4000BC and evidence of early inhabitation.
A report from the Higher Council for Planning and Urban Development reveals that nearly 16 million people, about 20 per cent of the Egyptian population, live in dilapidated accommodation unfit for human inhabitation.
Throughout the book, but especially in the remarkable concluding chapter, he maintains perfect balance between detached observation and visceral inhabitation of self.
Villagers blamed forest rangers for not being able to prevent the elephants from straying towards human inhabitation.