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Synonyms for inhabitancy

the act of dwelling in or living permanently in a place (said of both animals and men)

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76) Franklin also cited the residence qualifications for holding congressional office, and observed that if "the mere living in a place constituted inhabitancy," such a definition would "exclude sitting members" of the early House.
In 2009 the ISS completed nine years of uninterrupted inhabitancy.
But a find in the Tucson basin, which roughly covers the area between the Santa Rita Mountains and north Tucson, could indicate a broader inhabitancy, according to Arthur Vokes, who has curated the Arizona State Museum's architectural repository for nearly 30 years.
Is this recreation to be replaced by towers of brick built on the community foreshore which has remained unchanged by its inhabitancy for 2,000 years?
In conclusion, the second part of the poem juxtaposes the world of the first part: their opposing values reveal the gap between the courtly parade of arts and the unaffected inhabitancy of poetry in nature.