inguinal canal

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oblique passage through the lower abdominal wall

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In this age the scrotum was protruded from inguinal canal and also the gubernaculums was stretched as a mass in throughout from caudal pole of testis to scrotal sac (figure 4).
The sina que non on CT is visualization of the bowel entering obturator canal through the obturator foramen, which is inferior and lateral to the inguinal canal.
The patent processus vaginalis is an evagination of the peritoneum from the ventral abdominal wall into the inguinal canal formed as the testis descends into the scrotum in the seventh month of gestation.
A) in the most common male type, one testis is usually foundwithin the scrotum; the uterus and ipsilateral fallopian tube are either in the inguinal canal or can be brought into it by gentle traction in the presenting testis.
2) We report a case of leiomyoma of the vas deferens in the inguinal canal, which was easily resected from the spermatic cord.
During herniorrhaphy, another testis was found in the right inguinal canal.
The subcutaneous tumor was located just above the left inguinal canal and did not contact the underlying tissues, such as spermatic cord, muscles, blood vessels, and nerves.
Any less obvious defects such as strains of tendons or muscles that form the walls of the inguinal canal (that can't be felt on exam) may be grouped together as a sports hernia.
Inguinal hernias occur when soft tissue, generally part of the intestine, forces its way through a tear in the lower abdominal wall or through the inguinal canal and creates a bulge that can be painful when coughing, bending or lifting heavy objects.
At this point, a decision was made to excise the structure at its point of exit from the inguinal canal.
Coronal reformatted CT revealed dumbbell shape of the mass with larger retroperitoneal component contiguous with smaller left paratesticular component across a narrow segment in the inguinal canal.
It must not be used in the inguinal canal and if used on infants, children, women who are or may want to become pregnant, doctors should note that the patch will not stretch significantly as the patient grows.
On reexamination, the inguinal canal was unremarkable and showed no evidence of a hernia.
Inguinal hernia A portion of the intestine pushes through into the inguinal canal in the groin area, which is a weak spot in the abdominal muscle wall.