ingrown toenail

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toenail having its free tip or edges embedded in the surrounding flesh


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3,4 Excess nail fold granulation tissue and ingrown toenail have also been reported with retinoids, docetaxel, cyclosporine and oral antifungal treatment.
Verrucae are still around, and the corns, callous, and ingrown toenails which made up the bulk of our work in the old days are still commonplace.
Controlled trial comparing the efficacy of 88% phenol versus 10% sodium hydroxide for chemical matricectomy in the management of ingrown toenail.
Both male and female patients of 18-50 years of age, having ingrown toenail with painful, erythematous swelling of the nail fold of big toe were enrolled by consecutive sampling.
Accurate cutting of nails avoiding tight shoes application of gauze or special plastic material between the ingrown toenail and flesh and chiropody are considered as conservative treatment to prevent infection.
Questions crowd my mind as I think again about my ingrown toenail.
The clinical diagnosis of this tumor was epithelized granulation tissue caused by ingrown toenail, however squamous cell carcinoma was not denied completely.
This week, I am going to slip into my plimsolls and head to the gym, hamstrings, recurring ingrown toenail problems and a historic groin injury permitting.
Delonais, assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 5, removes an ingrown toenail from a patient's foot in the Camp Shields Medical Clinic, Okinawa, Japan.
If untreated, an ingrown toenail can cause an open sore that may become infected.
Daniel said surgery should not be performed on a patient with an ingrown toenail in a more advanced stage until the level of inflammation has been reduced with salt soaks in warm water (not cold, because of the possibility of infection) and topical application of steroids three times a day for about a week.
Now consumers can choose from a dizzying array of highly specialized products ranging from gel inserts to callus shavers to ingrown toenail files.
The company has introduced products ranging from smudge-proof nail color that dries in 60 seconds to a host of implements, including three different toenail clippers, a corn and callus trimmer, a pumice stone, and an ingrown toenail file and cuticle pusher.
I HAVE an ingrown toenail which is infected sore and swollen, I have had surgery to the same nail on my other foot and am not keen to repeat the experience.