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Synonyms for ingratiate

ingratiate yourself with someone


  • get on the right side of
  • court
  • win over
  • flatter
  • pander to
  • crawl to
  • play up to
  • get in with
  • suck up to
  • curry favour with
  • grovel to
  • keep someone sweet
  • kiss someone's ass
  • lick someone's boots
  • fawn to
  • toady to
  • lick someone's arse
  • seek someone's favour
  • brown-nose to
  • rub someone up the right way
  • be a yes man to
  • insinuate yourself with

Words related to ingratiate

gain favor with somebody by deliberate efforts

References in classic literature ?
What had he done to ingratiate himself with Uncle Ira?
The key plank of Salmond's manifesto, designed to ingratiate him to the Googles, Amazons and Murdochs of the corporate world, was a post-referendum millstone that the party will be glad to be rid off.
David Owen Davies I DON'T know why they bother, it's clearly just a cynical attempt to ingratiate for commercial gain.
According to the report, Rouhani has helped ingratiate his country with the rest of the world by his forward-looking nature of his social media presence.
Fearing discovery of their corrupt goings-on, the town's unscrupulous councillors attempt to ingratiate themselves.
He has been known to ingratiate himself with elderly or vulnerable people and stay at their homes.
I am sure some politicians make a conscious decision to ingratiate themselves with journalists less likely to challenge so they can use them as a vehicle for their own PR.
Shw mae Cymru, croeso i'r Stadiwm Mileniwm," shouts Sir Paul McCartney, the first of many hilarious attempts to ingratiate himself with the locals by speakingWelsh.
Civil servants were right to urge caution, but thanks to the charm of an actress, media hysteria and a Government anxious to ingratiate itself with the electorate, the sole qualification now is that of serving four years with the Forces.
When Beaver tries to move to the river bank, Elephant and Pig give him a cold welcome--Beaver is a stranger, and to them, an intruder, despite his attempts to introduce and ingratiate himself.
Some aristocratic British neighbors, whose daughter also died in the epidemic, persuade Rachel to impersonate their daughter and return to England to ingratiate herself and themselves with a wealthy dying grandfather.
So I racked my brain working my fingers to the bone, got down on my hands and knees, and came up with a list of contract items the Democrats can use to ingratiate themselves with their supposed base.
But Clifford failed to ingratiate himself with the players or staff at St Marys, and was left to work with the club's academy players.
His personal assets--a keen wit, powerful intellect, decisiveness, and an athletic physique hardened by years of discipline--won him instant allegiance among the men he commanded and allowed him to ingratiate himself with the masses.
It was a low-down, weaselly move by a man Maggie trusted and who, when she was in power, would have been the first to bow, scrape and ingratiate himself.