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a person who shows no gratitude

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It is not about ingrates sulking because they can't get a fatter pay packet at a so-called bigger club.
Some of the participating exhibitors at the show are Home & Soul Ingrates, Xrbia Developers Ltd, Newage Realty, Hiranandani, JP Infra, Kalpataru, Kanakia, Lakhani Developers, Lodha Group, Mantri Group, Paradise, Wadhwa Group, Saya Homes, Antriksh Group, Covai Property Centre (I) Pvt Ltd, Poomalai Housing, Artha Properties, Ansal Housing, SuvilasProperties, Ozone Group, ShapoorjiPallonji, Rachana Lifestyle, Investors Clinic, ICICI bank among many others.
Russell |as James in Banished I mean, it seems like no evening's viewing can be complete without a soundtrack of crying infant chimney sweeps on shows like The Mill (pipe down ingrates, if you weren't so thin you'd never fit up people's fireplaces
Yesterday, he was joined in the pantheon of great footballing ingrates by Manchester City's Yaya Toure (left).
The platform ingrates McGraw-Hill Education's Common Core-aligned content and services for math and English Language Arts for Grades 4-7 and empowers teachers with real-time feedback to inform instruction.
Calling it a hillul Hashem, a desecration of God's name, he declared that those who participated were ingrates to a state that had educated their children, provided subsidized medical care to their families, given them discounts on municipal taxes and protected them from their enemies.
His rant at two moaning ingrates towards the end of the opening episode - "Which is it - 'help, thank you, airport', or 'rude ***s, no help, walking'?
I realise I say that like the majority of people aren't; that there's a whole army of ingrates out there going 'kindness?
Seriati names those present as daughter Cyrine and her husband Mabrouk, daughter Ghazwa accompanied by spouse Zarrouk, conjuring a scene very reminiscent of the King Lear opening where father is surrounded by ingrates.
Any criticism of the system, and especially any that touches on the attitudes of military officers, immediately generates an urge to "shoot the messenger," followed by the inevitable dismissal of civilian professors as ingrates who just don't get it, who should either love PME or leave it, and who--at least in my case, according to Captain Lipsitz--should be disqualified from writing about, or reviewing, anything about military education.
While state ideology justifies his soldiering as work in defense of Rome -- and therefore of the civil liberties of Roman citizens -- Martius despises Rome's citizenry as ingrates and is contemptuous of the civil rights he is said to protect.
Those ingrates in Wales even said they didn't want me as Prince of their confounded country.
She did her best to sound keen as two contestants cooked dinner for a bunch of grumpy ingrates hauled in off the streets.
ANY visitor reading the letters pages of the Evening Chronicle might well conclude that we Geordies are a meanspirited, begrudging, cynical bunch of ingrates.