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a person who shows no gratitude

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Tu resteras un mystere dans cette cite ingrate qui a vendu l'amour pour acheter l'hypocrisie et la mechan[degrees]cete.
Lamamra a affirme que l'Algerie, en tant que pays voisin du Mali, [beaucoup moins que] est particulierement mobilisee pour apporter sa contribution a l'ecriture de cette nouvelle page de l'histoire du Mali faite d'avancees dans la voie de la paix, de la reconciliation et du developpement, afin que le peuple malien puisse rompre avec une histoire assez ingrate en ce qui concerne les affrontements fratricides [beaucoup plus grand que].
Syrian officials described Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir as an ingrate for not returning the favor of backing him in his row with the International Criminal Court (ICC) in 2008.
An effort is now being made to ingrate the reports with the CMMS to allow corrective work orders to be automatically issued when the established parameters are exceeded.
As politicians have long lamented, each new political appointment provides 10 enemies who themselves wanted the job and one ingrate who got it.
You're an arrogant ingrate obsessed with power," I observed.
I'll get a dog and studiously ignore my cat in an effort to teach her the inevitable consequences of behaving like an ingrate.
in 1913 and then proceeded to waste most of his time working manual labor jobs like quarrying rock and digging basements by hand and raising four children, rather than taking the time to learn English, the ingrate.
I w3ouldn't mind losing to Leeds if it meant that ingrate Warnock lost out on promotion.
Betrayed by a delinquent, low-life ingrate and blackmailed out of the price of hundreds of hookers and a truckload of fags by the Shrek lookalike, Wayne Rooney, Sir Alex kept his personal dignity.
Attendees will also learn the unique needs of brand advertisers, straight from the brands themselves, and how to ingrate these needs into custom applications.
Les barbus m'ont dit: La femme est un etre infame Un etre sans coeur, sans ame Impure et ingrate Stupide et arrogante Possedee par le diable Femelle cannibale Qui etouffe son male Et l'avale Elle merite le bucher Et l'autodafe
Then there are the picky eaters the mothers have to contend with: ingrate kids who complain about the grub.
Young & Rubicam Brands launched its Southern California office in 1999 with the mission to ingrate the brand-building services of Y&R Advertising, Wunderman, Landor, The Bravo Group, Mendoza Dillon and Mediaedge:cia.
Now he will pass into legend as just another ingrate who Boro salvaged from the stiffs and reshaped as a star only to have them jump ship the first time a big club beckoned.