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  • verb

Synonyms for ingrain

to implant so deeply as to make change nearly impossible

Synonyms for ingrain

thoroughly work in


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produce or try to produce a vivid impression of

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Semi-finalists were asked to submit a franchise application, business plan, and resume Ingrain spent about a week, roughly 12 hours a day, putting together his package.
Carl Zeiss and Ingrain will provide core characterisation for the ANH to gain critical knowledge of select regions of the Colombian subsoil and its potential for hydrocarbon extraction.
Throughout the chapters, Ingrain grapples with the tension between religious plurality and the need to guard each religion's traditions and teachings.
Ingrain Yuzek's renewal involves space on the sixth floor for an additional 10-year term.
Asked about those figures, Dale Ingrain, a spokesman for the nonprofit, said, "We have no numbers now.
On hand for the event in the photo below are, back row, from left, John Smith, Dennis Ledonne, Robert Bruno, Bobby Jones, Joseph Moscioni; row three, from left, Fusco Louis, Jakob Ntellas, Thomas Ingrain, Samuel Mantilla, James Barnett, Anthony Morro, Barry Berger; row 2, from left, Carmel Lumia, Thomas Healy, NSO Charles Musante, Francis Donohue; and front row, NSO Tony Ntellas.
We really feel we need to ingrain the conservation issues in young people.
Seafood department manager Justin Murchison said Ingrain mainly seemed "fine" when he came in, but "he had gotten back from vacation with his family and came back to work this week.
The new learning website is a collaborative effort between ACTE and educational content developer Ingrain, Inc.
Ingram: The court turned to two cases: the Tax Court's decision in Ingrain Indus.
The visitor centre was officially opened on Sunday 17 August 2003 with official guest Myrtle Ingrain, the widow of George Ingrain VC.
One of the most important steps is to ingrain the feel of a torque-free grip.
Durante este ano, Ingrain Micro se ha hecho presente en diferentes lugares de la Republica Mexicana, con la intencion de otorgar capacitacion intensiva a sus distribuidores.
Adopted by Ingrain of Houston, Texas, the AURIGA([R]) CrossBeam([R]) workstation from Carl Zeiss provides the ultra-high resolution images, plus powerful analytical capabilities, needed to understand shale rock in a revolutionary new way.
Ingrain utilizes proprietary technologies to analyze reservoir rock samples from cores or drill cuttings and deliver critical data to its oil and gas producer client base.