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Synonyms for ingloriously

in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree

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The scenic idea was magnificent when once you had embraced it--the dramatic form had a purity which made some others look ingloriously rough.
That clericalism, with its rewards for just wearing a collar and going along, is dying ingloriously, poisoned by the intoxicating privilege that led it to protect child molesters.
Vito Mannone was more than likely bowing out, but did so ingloriously, conceding the goal which allowed champions Chelsea to finish on a high.
In the end, I am reminded of Hector's last words when he resolved to go meet Achilles in the Trojan War: "My doom has come upon me; let me not then die ingloriously and without a struggle, but let me first do some great thing that shall be told among men hereafter" (Iliad 11.
Love, forgiveness, my super power-- like spinach, smoke, lust-- disposed ingloriously.
Europe--had been ingloriously swallowed by the sea--and he himself spat
Born in the Philippines of mixed parentage, trained in colonial institutions, and adjudged as political opportunist and traitor of the revolution against Spain and the United States, Paterno ingloriously stands out in the nationalist emplotment of the Filipino saga.
the Golan Heights) and it ends ingloriously in the Dead Sea, which is actually an inland lake.
The coach called time, and ingloriously banished me to center field, where I silently prayed to the baseball gods for redemption that never came.
Another campaign ended ingloriously and Boyd admits the 3-0 defeat to the African nation was a far greater disappointment than his own goal against Brazil.
If you walk down Millbank today, you will see these discoloured sentries standing rather sadly, crowned ingloriously with anti-climb spikes, on either side of the entry way to what was an office block when Jagger carved them, and is now the headquarters of MI5.
Though he sincerely intends to signify his insincerity at Hautdesert--wearing the girdle in order to mark himself with Bernard's horns, as it were--Gawain reveals through his inability to control the sign's meaning the ingloriously conventional nature of knight-courtiers.
A half-hearted and poorly organized invasion penetrated no farther than the Hudson's Bay Company post slightly north of the border, and then ended ingloriously when the invaders were arrested by a small detachment of American troops.
Not long ago--fifteen years or so--a very large number of intelligent and well-informed people had never heard of the Internet, and many others regarded it as some kind of bastard offspring of CB radio, the pet rock, and Pong, an interesting but ultimately rather silly and ignorable fad that would have its day and fade ingloriously away.