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in a dishonorable manner or to a dishonorable degree

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But I agreed very strongly with something its chief executive said in 2012 about exam awarding bodies a few months after the exam seminar debacle exposed by the Daily Telegraph, in which the WJEC ingloriously featured - "historically, the sector has been under-regulated or not firmly regulated".
the Golan Heights) and it ends ingloriously in the Dead Sea, which is actually an inland lake.
The coach called time, and ingloriously banished me to center field, where I silently prayed to the baseball gods for redemption that never came.
Another campaign ended ingloriously and Boyd admits the 3-0 defeat to the African nation was a far greater disappointment than his own goal against Brazil.
If you walk down Millbank today, you will see these discoloured sentries standing rather sadly, crowned ingloriously with anti-climb spikes, on either side of the entry way to what was an office block when Jagger carved them, and is now the headquarters of MI5.
Though he sincerely intends to signify his insincerity at Hautdesert--wearing the girdle in order to mark himself with Bernard's horns, as it were--Gawain reveals through his inability to control the sign's meaning the ingloriously conventional nature of knight-courtiers.
Not long ago--fifteen years or so--a very large number of intelligent and well-informed people had never heard of the Internet, and many others regarded it as some kind of bastard offspring of CB radio, the pet rock, and Pong, an interesting but ultimately rather silly and ignorable fad that would have its day and fade ingloriously away.
According to Duvnjak, Tuesday's leaders' meeting failed ingloriously after only one hour of political rivals Branko Crvenkovski and Nikola Gruevski sitting at the same table.
25) See Vladimir Socor, South Ossetia Joint Control Commission Ingloriously Mothballed, EURASIA DAILY MONITOR (Mar.
Within ten minutes of referee Graham Scott's decision to send off Berra, Watford were ahead and it came straight from a Wolves corner that was somewhat ingloriously overhit by Bakary Sako.
The big guns fell away so tamely that Snedeker was able to hack his way ingloriously through the closing holes.
I regret that most of those who fought on NLA's side, including Ali Ahmeti, will end up ingloriously.
Hector, who had shamefully fled mighty Achilles, steadies himself to die "not ingloriously, but in some way memorable to later generations.
That ended ingloriously before he ever coached the Crimson Tide in a game, but Price wasn't satisfied his career was over and went to UTEP.