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an act of swallowing


Synonyms for ingestion

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FB ingestion is most common in children between six months and four years of age (McConnell, 2013; Paul et al, 2010; Uyemura, 2005).
This pattern of ingestion is particularly dangerous in adults and children over the age of 6 years with chronic liver disease, malnutrition, and HIV, and in users of enzyme-inducing drugs (e.
The report also noted the increasing involvement of young infants especially in the unintentional ingestion of medicines.
In the study, researchers used magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to determine the relative changes in hypothalamic (a region of the brain) regional cerebral blood flow (CBF) after glucose versus fructose ingestion.
The study included 20 healthy adult volunteers who underwent two magnetic resonance imaging sessions in conjunction with fructose or glucose drink ingestion.
For 24 hours before and 48 hours after ingestion, the subjects followed a diet containing minimal phenolic compounds.
Ingestion of magnetic foreign bodies causing multiple bowel perforations.
5 hours after ingestion and resulted in a 6 mm Hg (5%) reduction in systolic blood pressure.
Oral water ingestion increases blood volume, and hence blood pressure (BP)1 which in turn increases intraocular pressure (IOP).
Ingestion could lead to heart damage and central nervous system damage.
Thus, it is plausible, that these effects of caffeine ingestion reduce heat tolerance by exacerbating dehydration and increasing body temperature (25,26).
Summary: Casablanca - A plane of Morocco's carrier (RAM), which was supposed to link Amsterdam (Netherlands) to Nador (northeast of Morocco), had to make an emergency landing, Sunday night at the Amsterdam airport, six minutes after its take-off, following a bird ingestion in one of its reactors, RAM said on Monday.
However, the ergogenic effects of caffeine ingestion during resistance exercise (RE) performance are controversial.
Exposure through diet or ingestion of contaminated dust may lead to adverse health outcomes, but the combined contributions of dust and dietary sources to HBCD exposure have not been investigated.
The judge said: "The presentation at trial of the scientific evidence with respect to the possibility of ingestion was erroneous as a matter of science, carried the flavour of bias when seen in the context of the totality of the scientific evidence and was seriously misleading on a critical matter for consideration by the jury.